CNN Wanted Trump To Start A WAR!

Posted July 17th, 2018 by Iron Mike

The sheer hypocrisy of the left-wing ‘media’ is stunning!   On one hand they were claiming in 2016 that Trump was ‘too bellicose’ to be our World Spokesman,  – today they’re sulking because he didn’t threaten Putin with Nuclear War!

To understand the depths of the duplicity,  remember Folks that these ‘news outlets’ are really just entertainment networks.   They live and die on advertising $$$ alone,  – so when you don’t watch,  those $$$ go away. So they need drama,  bloodshed,  and WAR!

CNN came of age during the First Gulf War,  as Wolf Blitzer stood on a Baghdad hotel balcony and reported a cruise missile flying down the street outside.

Twenty-seven years later they are no longer the “Go-To Network” for breaking new or expert analysis. They’ve become an integral piece of the Government-Media Propaganda Ministry (GMPM),  while other networks have crowed them out of 1st Place.

You should have known CNN would turn to shit back in Dec 1991 when owner Ted Turner “the Mouth of the South” married Hanoi Jane #onda – the American traitor.   Their marriage lasted 10 years,  – and patriots looked elsewhere for news.

November 2016 came as a crushing blow to the Left-Wing Media;  – their dreams of a Second Clinton Presidency and a First Woman President were smashed by the brash outsider – Trump.

Worse,  – they hadn’t seen it coming,  they’d FAILED to propagandize the working class.  They were discredited;  ratings and advertising $$$ were drying up.

All they had left was the lame excuse of “RUSSIAN COLLUSION” and the Golden Showers Dossier – which led to the Mueller Witch Hunt….but it kept their small core of left-wing followers glued to their evening news shows.

They were really hoping for FIREWORKS in Helsinki,…but since neither Trump nor Putin saw any political or economic or strategic advantage to fireworks,  – their meeting was professional and gentlemanly.

IMAGINE the utter frustration of the Media Hacks:  Trump failed to be the Bellicose Beast they’d predicted 2 years ago,  – and he failed to kindle WWIII over a non-issue made up by Hillary’s operatives.

They’ll have to go out and make up some more salacious stories.

6 Responses to “CNN Wanted Trump To Start A WAR!”

  1. Ben

    They are neither , they are idiots. If anyone starts a war it will be them.

  2. Hawk1776

    The press conference was going fine until Jonathan Lemire of AP, NBC, MSNBC etc. asked “who do you believe about Russian interference in our election, US intelligence agencies or President Putin?” The question was intended to embarrass President Trump as he could either call Putin a liar to his face or call into question our intelligence community. It was a lose-lose proposition. Lemire knew that but asked the question anyway. Now he’s a hero to the left, but no one knows what happened during the two hour summit and no one knows what happened before, after, and ongoing.

    That’s EXACTLY the POINT Hawk! To the Media, – they think the Press Conference WAS the Summit; and to hell with what had just taken place outside of THEIR EYES.

  3. Jim Buba

    Wolf did NOT stand on a balcony. The hotel in which he was imprisoned had no balconies. Wolf did crane his neck to see the streaks of AA fire and had absolutely nothing to say.

    He has just as much to say today.

  4. Walter Knight

    The way liberals are going nuts over President Trump talking to Putin, you’d think he gave the Russians 20 percent of our uranium or something.

  5. Panther 6

    No matter what happened the left wing press is not going to cut
    ‘The Donald’ any slack. Sadly it is true we won’t know what went on in private – Iron Mike’s comment refers. I am still in Trump’s court.

  6. JB

    This is what you get when we have a President that insists on closed-door meetings without any actual record of it. Just look at what the former stenographer for the Whitehouse was on record as saying– he does not like to be recorded. Hence why he continually uses a personal cell phone and lies in every direction only in an attempt to cover his own ass. This whole “would” and “wouldn’t” thing is just the most recent evidence that he is truly not fit for this role. That said, it is rather easy to sit here on some conservative nutbag blog that looks like it was made in 1993 and rant about nothing. Carry on.


    So when Presidents have closed-door meetings – it bothers you…?
    Like when Kennedy had closed-door meeting with Marilyn Monroe, Judith Exner, Angie Dickinson, Mimi Alford, Pamela Turnure, Fiddle & Faddle…to name a few.

    How ’bout Bubba’s close-door meetings with Monica Lewinsky…?

    Or going back a few decades – 1945 – FDR with Lucy Mercer Rutherford…?

    ####### Google ######## Google ##########

    For the RECORD; I actually TRUST Trump behind closed doors – with any world leader, 1000 x times more that Obama giving a wink and a speech in Cairo – which ended in him saying – in Arabic “I am one of you!”