Christin Cooper: Redeem Thyself!

Posted February 17th, 2014 by Iron Mike

If you haven’t already heard, NBC reporter Christin Cooper was interviewing US Olympic Downhill Skier Bode Miller after he completed a downhill event – winning a Bronze Medal.  All went well until she asked him about his brother Chelone [aka Chilly] who was found dead last April in California.  Chilly had been a wild child…
 Bode Miller
So now Ms. Cooper – herself a former Olympian, – is under fire for pushing the interview and making Bode cry.   Ms. Cooper, redemption will be easy.  Just seek out Hillary Rodham Clinton and ask her similar questions:

–  Ask her about the trail of dead associates she and Bill left in Arkansas.

–  Ask her about Vince Foster

–  Ask her about the dead of Benghazi,…and why she said it doesn’t matter any more….

Ambushing an Olympic skier at the end of a run, when he’s penned in by orange safety fencing is way too easy.

Google Arkancide

Seek out the BIG PRIZE.  Go ambush Hillary and see if you can get her to cry.  So far, she’s only shed crocodile tears over any of the dead men in her trail.

2 Responses to “Christin Cooper: Redeem Thyself!”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    Christin Cooper is an ex skier and Olympian, I doubt if she is a professional journalist and probably only does skiing events. She did create a very uncomfortable situation with her probing questions that obviously went way over the line, when Bodie was reduced to tears. In his youth and into his twenties, Bodie was pretty wild also. To see him reduced to uncontrollable sobbing was way out of character and I don’t believe that Cooper, a friend, had planned the consequences. Bodie was most gracious in defending the situation.
    There is no doubt that NBC has no reporters in their stable that would ever ask such probing questions of the Clintons or the Obama cartel.

  2. Casey Chapman

    I believe there was a producer whispering the questions into her ear. She couldn’t have come up with those questions on her own, in my estimation.