Chiang To Moonbeam, Chiang To Moonbeam…

Posted December 8th, 2012 by Iron Mike

“Sacramento, – we have a PROBLEM!”

With a GIANT PUSH from union teachers – California just passed Prop 30 – raising the state sales tax to 7.5% and a HUGE tax increase on the wealthyIt was retroactive.  It was supposed to bring in $6 – $9 Billion – and forestall more teacher layoffs. Guess what really happened?

State Treasurer John Chiang has BAD NEWSNovember tax receipts are DOWN $81 Million  Gee, could they have driven the RICH from the ‘Golden State’?

Chiang’s solution?  He went and borrowed more money!  Who is lending to California these days?

5 Responses to “Chiang To Moonbeam, Chiang To Moonbeam…”

  1. Tom

    Throwing money at education or the teachers is always the solution. It really doesn’t matter where it comes from. Either Obama’s stash aka stimulus, the Chicoms or the Mexican drug cartels. Remember, it’s for the children. Yeah!

  2. MC

    What these liberal Governors always forget is that the wealthy are the most portable people as they have the money to move when and where they want, unlike the vast percentage of their non paying ‘taxpayers’ who are standing in line for goverment handouts.

  3. Jim Buba

    Everybody likes free stuff until they have to pay for it. Common among solutions for revenue shortfalls is to raise taxes. Feelings for the poor and bedraggled changes that sentiment to another rancor for ‘Tax the Rich’ and so it goes.

    When all is said, done and rehashed, the liberals will create taxes to raise. Among the favorite catch-phrases used to ‘sell’ them to the public; ‘… for the Children.’ or ‘its only money’ or even ‘education’. Deals among those who make them, usually away from print or photograph become the devil found in the details when somebody finally reads the statutes enacted.

    $81mill short? People moving out? Of course. Small service business falls off and they too will re-locate. Perhaps, if we are all lucky, they will move to a RED state, increasing population, doubling and re-doubling revenue there. All setting the stage for the 2020 census and that would be good news for the county.

    Begging the question; Can we hold out that long?

  4. Walter Knight

    It takes a village to help the bedraggled. I just don’t want to live there.

  5. Debbie near Camp Pendleton

    The teacher’s unions, and all the unions really — have a stranglehold on the state.

    And yes, supposedly this was going to solve all the school $$ problems, but we just heard a couple weeks ago that most likely they’ll still give some of the teachers pink slips in June, then beg for more $$ to keep them!! So where the heck did all the $$ go that supposedly is coming in with this proposition? Probably in some bureaucrat’s pocket.

    My friend used to be a Reagan Republican — now that she is a teacher she is a staunch teacher’s union person. She posted stuff on her fb that if we didn’t vote for the Prop, she would become homeless. BS. We have lots of teachers here in my town who live …..IN TOWN. They live in nice houses and drive nice cars. No one is near homeless. ..and after all of this, she told me, after the Prop won, that she knows that a lot of the $$ will go to bureaucrats in Sacramento. She knows there is nothing that can be done about it, but pretended that wouldn’t happen when she was trying to guilt everyone into voting for it!!

    It’s just garbage. It sucks for our state, but I don’t see anyone with a brain moving in to clean house.

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