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Thank God for the 8th Circuit Court!   One of the most hate-filled women in America (after Michelle Obama) went to court and lost,  – then appealed the ruling and LOST AGAIN! Anti-Gay activist lawyer Shirley Lynn Phelps-Roper would picket military funerals – in the church and at the graveside…if she could.   The 8th Circuit just […]

I’ve been watching Democrats bumble and bluster their way through wars,  elections,  and national emergencies since the Korean War, – when I was age 7.   It’s always the same,  – they have wonderful lofty goals,  – ambitious objectives, – and no clue about how to make any of it work.   So it was with […]

My friend Tom Gilroy (God rest his soul) used to say “…there are NO COINCIDENCES in politics,…the dots are ALWAYS connected!” So when people who have dirt – or know dirt – on the Clintons start committing ‘suicide’ in motel rooms….it’s time for us to start paying attention,…and for all surviving Clinton associates to update […]

Guess the Bloods got to a juror….. Defense Attorney Jose Baez can up his fees…..  Books will be written, and movies produced based on this case and this botched trial.   I think that ~ just maybe ~ a juror will someday be charged…. 

As is so often the way,  rich liberals assume they are above the law.  They can always hire the best lawyers,  can always post high bail,  – and when pleading their case before liberal judges,  – can always claim their motives were for ‘the greater good’.  It works far too often; – they slide,  – […]

Thank God a HERO came along!   You’ve likely never heard of Grand Island, NY  – a small town in far western New York.  Things got heated last week when a young Muslim hothead thought he’d take on the law. It could have been very ugly.  But for the moment he’s locked up.

When the FBI is questioning you,  – walking out of the interview ~ may ~ tend to indicate a DEEP LEVEL of GUILTY KNOWLEDGE.   Cheryl Mills is a lawyer – she KNOWS the definition of “accessory after the fact”… Now Cheryl and her attorney – DC power lawyer Beth Wilkinson – have walked out of […]

Lynne M. Patton – a Black female Trump executive – has a story to tell…. …and it may rock some people…. 

With Hillary looking more-and-more like damaged goods,  – and maybe even facing federal criminal charges,  Democrats are scrambling for a back-up strategy… So they’re test-flying “Biden One-Term”.   Un-huh!  And WHO would be his VP?

Is Radical Islam Satanic?

February 8th, 2015

“Zo” aka Alfonzo Rachel has some heavy words on Islam,  – America’s naïve ‘political correctness’,  – the religious deniers [atheists],…and the ultimate goals of Islam. Some of this will be new stuff for many of you.   ‘Bout time you heard it! If you really don’t understand Sharia Law – please understand that you’ve been […]