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Tosses softball questions… This Pelosi Sock Puppet is a disgrace – parroting administration lies and helping SecDEF Chuck Hagel blow a smoke screen over a VERY BAD TRADE and LAWBREAKING. How does she claim to know the Cartel’s motivation? Did they tell her in advance?  Video below the fold:

Obama Spins ObamaCare Debate

August 9th, 2013

 Cynical lying bastard asks “Why would Republicans build their entire program around denying healthcare to 31 Million Americans?” Claims the waivers for Congress he signed – as Executive Orders – are just ‘technicalities’.  Fails to acknowledge that 57% of Americans want it GONE! Mealy-mouth GOP RiNOs will be hard-pressed for talking points that low-information voters […]

There is no limit to Obama’s hubris.  Remember when he was elected in ’08 (yes, I know, we all try to forget…)?  And he had a special lectern made with the bastardized Presidential seal… the one that said: “Office of the President-Elect”?  Well, he’s at it again.  This time it’s for sale.  He’s created his […]

Today Mrs. RR and I helped at a standout in Chelmsford, MA for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.  It was a beautiful Saturday morning, sunny and 70 degs.  There were 7 corners at the intersection we were covering.  By the time we got there many were already holding signs.  The democrats showed no emotion or […]

PresO sets his priorities!

September 12th, 2012

UPDATE:  The state has gone back on its decision.  Public pressure prevailed and the message got out.  It’s a win-win for all… for those who support the flag, and for those who wish to fly it in Wrentham.  See this report from WCVB about the decision. state official has told  Wrentham public housing residents […]

…actually, it should be: “be ashamed, be very ashamed.” The DNC HQ in FL has been proudly flying the new Obama US Flag. They’ve replaced the 50 stars (or is it 57?) with Obama’s face. There is no longer any doubt that this man has brass cojones, and absolutely NO respect for our military or our […]