California Bike Lock Professor Revealed

Posted April 21st, 2017 by Iron Mike

The Hate-Trump folks in California are way over the edge,  now acting exactly like Hitler’s SA thugs in the early 1930s…  An assault last week was caught on video,  and some computer-savvy sleuths tracked down the thug….

…who turns out to be a college professor at a community college 15 miles east of Berkeley.  Yep,…he is a California STATE EMPLOYEE – acting like a Black Block goon by assaulting Trump supporters.

Thanks to the internet sleuths,  his black hoodie and mask have been pulled away,  revealing who he is.

Here is the video which explains how the sleuths tracked down and unmasked this commie goon:

Given his embrace of lethal-level violence as his ‘political statement’,…and the eyebrow piercing,…we have to wonder if Professor Clanton has some gay anger issues.

Think about it,….he’s living and teaching “Philosophy” in the most liberal state in the nation….. He got MoonBeam for a governor…

Why is he so angry?

In California,…and now on a lot of college campuses, “FREE SPEECH” is only allowed if it Left Wing Free Speech.  Your ideas are met with violence.

UPDATE:  Thurs 25 May 2016   JUSTICE!  Clanton was arrested on Assault with a Deadly Weapon – booked and held on $200K bail.


7 Responses to “California Bike Lock Professor Revealed”

  1. Catherine

    How utterly despicable.

    He should be FIRED instantly, and any pension revoked. The way to get through to these people is through their own pocketbooks.

  2. Catherine

    For those who watched but did not stop the video, the scum’s email address is:

  3. Hawk1776

    “His primary interests are ethics ….”. Spare me.

  4. Raymond Smithson

    Commie puke if there ever was one. People need to wake up yesterday and rise up or you gonna be slaves to commie pukes like he is.

  5. John Pagel

    Hopefully he will meet up with somebody that has a “Bigger Bike Lock” and get his ass handed to him.

  6. GreenBeretLTC

    Being an eye-plus for an eye sort of guy, I also favor, once prosecuted and convicted, having the nature of one’s crime visited upon the convict as part of the penal penalty….

  7. Kojack

    It’s long past time for PC liberal commie lying scum like Clanton, Ward Churchill, Cloward and Piven, Bill Ayers and their ilk to be made to disappear and then found having assumed room temperature. They will force the issue soon enough.


    Recycle your Commies responsibly! First remove any metal objects – particularly lead or brass…