Boehner Finally Ready To Be A Republican?

Posted May 3rd, 2014 by Iron Mike

The Speaker says he’ll name a Select Committee to investigate Benghazi.Boehner Select Committee
Did JD Winteregg’s Electile Dysfunctionad – calling him “a Boehner lasting longer than 22 years” – finally push the right buttons?

We can only hope; – because thus far a Speaker – John Boehner has taken every opportunity given him to squander the good faith of the TEA Party and the hard work of conservatives.

He’s bent over backwards to ‘find middle ground’ with Obama, – as every inch toward that FAKE MIDDLE GROUND moves us further to the Left and further into national bankruptcy.

His latest non-Republican agenda seems to be a push of amnesty for 20 million illegals – a move which will doom young Black Americans to 3rd Class Status – and a lifetime of unemployment and EBT card existence.

So while a House Select Committee is 18 months overdue, – this move may be a Boehner smoke screen. Let’s see who gets named to chair it.

AND, let’s watch how the rest of the media covers it…, because sooner or later the story circles back to Hillary Clinton.

One Response to “Boehner Finally Ready To Be A Republican?”

  1. Casey Chapman

    A lifetime of unemployment and EBT card existence is just what Barry and Boehner want. And not just for the black Americans, either.