Bill Clinton Hears Those Most Dreaded Words

Posted October 9th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Clinton’s former sex victims were in the hall….
Even Martha Raddatz actively joined Hillary in debating Trump!

Quiet at first, Trump counterattacked effectively, – came repeatedly at Hillary’s records of lying, corruption, and legislative failures, – and her repeated examples of poor judgment.

Best part was when he wouldn’t let Raddatz and Cooper bully him. By the end of the debate, – he was controlling the room.


Her smirking never ceased,  – she knew the questions and had practiced her answers.

5 Responses to “Bill Clinton Hears Those Most Dreaded Words”

  1. Danna Palmer

    I can’t wait until Donald Trump wins this race without the spineless Republicans who are withdrawing their support. The Republican Party as we know it may very well be undoing itself. Rinos will have to leave. Thank you, RabidRepublican for being on top of this coverage tonight.

  2. Clinton ma tea party

    Trump won the 2nd debate 100%

  3. Mt Woman

    Trump won, Trump controlled, Trump dominated the floor.

  4. Charles Caliri

    The problems we face getting real justice:

    If Hillary and the political class win the election = never any justice.
    If Trump wins the election, Obama bin Laden will pardon Hillary before leaving office and the political class wins again.

    Closer and closer we move towards totalitarianism!

    Trump’s job, number one, is to keep Hillary from the white House.

    It’s our job too. Get out and vote for Trump.

  5. Jim Buba

    Looking spiffy with that skin-tightener. Almost makes him look human. Rumors from the floor that the BBC edited out the comments Bill made to Chelsea in their photo of the drug-smuggling, money-laundering scumbag.