Betrayal By John Roberts!

Posted June 28th, 2012 by Iron Mike

ObamaCare ruling like a kick in the %alls! A 193 page ruling I may never have the stomach to read.

For the moment liberals are smirking. I personally think Roberts was threatened with Obamacide.

America’s DARKEST months are now upon us.  Expect an emboldened Obama to run roughshod over everything and everybody now. We will all be ‘punished’ for this just as Arizona is being punished for challenging his open immigration policies. American business is totally screwed! Biden will be a freak show.

If our country is to be saved – it will be up to the voters in November –  and the incoming 114th Congress.

It will have to be done quickly and ruthlessly in January 2013 – after the 114th Congress is sworn in, – and even before a new President is sworn in on January 20th.

7 Responses to “Betrayal By John Roberts!”

  1. Karen G

    The irony of such dark and despairing news on this beautiful sunny day takes my breath away…

    I am saddened for my children, my future grandchildren, and hell, even for myself as I approach old age. Death panels, rationing, and crippling health care taxes are not things I want in my life.

    More than once, the Supreme Court has been slapped in the face and this is how they respond? Is it Stockholm Syndrome? Pure hypocrisy? I just don’t get it…

  2. Tom Gilroy

    Obama and all of the puppets in the House and Senate trumpeted the the Health Care Bill was NOT A TAX. Today the Supremes proved them all to be monumental liars. This “tax” originated in the Senate, not in the House where all tax bills must originate and a tax bill can be overturned/repealed by a majority.

  3. Jim Buba

    If there is any spin to be placed on this, it must be attributed to a Michelle McPhee Show caller. He called Justice Roberts ‘brilliant’ for pushing the indicator to center-right as a tax under the 16th Amendment.

    Be aware that the benefactors of ObamaCare are the Insurance companies and since most of them are financed or underwritten by doctors of considerable wealth and prominence, it is fair game to consider them a culpable as any legislator or justice.

  4. Tea Time

    We need to organize a march on Washington for January 21…Romney needs to know we will hold him accountable immediately. And it has to be REPEAL – not REPLACE.

  5. Dumbocrats

    Hey guys. To help spread the word I made this shirt I hope people will start wearing to let the the nation know that this NEEDS to and WILL BE repealed. Job #1 Repeal Obamacare

  6. jim morose

    This decision demonstrates the direction our leaders have set for us to follow. This decision may well be the last nail in the Constitution’s coffin. All who supported this bill need to be voted out in 2012. No exceptions no excuses. The Executive branch is fast and furious into unconstitutionality. The Legislative branch is clearly $17-trillion dollars into unconstitutional spending. The judicial branch has been unconstitutionally legislating from the bench for decades.

    All these elected, appointed and anointed compromising progressive ideologues, must be removed from office at the next election and subsequent ceremonial transfer of power. I could go on but my head just exploded.


    I’ve just read through some of the 193 pages…… At the beginning, where it is stated that a $695.00 fee, tax, reprimand, or whatever you want to call it, will be collected by the IRS.

    One of the first actions 0bama took, about 2+ years ago, was to order 75 Remington 12 gauge shotguns for the IRS. These guns have a 14 inch barrel and are a 5 shot gun. These are the guns the police departments use to quell riots in large cities. The police aim the gun at the pavement in front of the crowd and fire. Shot, dirt and pavement fly up against the demonstrators. Less damage is done but the point gets across to the crowd.

    My thoughts and questions are: Has he been planning this for 2-3 years?