Benjamin Netanyahu vs The Blowhard

Posted March 4th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Netanyahu vs Blowhard
After five years of lies and betrayals,  – what can Benjamin possibly believe?

5 Responses to “Benjamin Netanyahu vs The Blowhard”

  1. Casey Chapman

    Benjamin tries to point out the truth while O pretends to listen.

  2. Tom Gilroy

    Why does Bebe even meet with this man? We know that he favors the Palestinians over the Israelis. His foreign policy team including Kerry, Rice, Power and Jarret are anti Israel, yet many American Jews support this man. Why?

  3. Walter Knight

    I’ve always got the impression that Obama hates Israel and its people.

  4. Blossom

    I cannot understand why a great man like Benjamin Netanyahu even spends any time with Obama.
    Have the Palestinians ever fulfilled the sole promise of peace, made when signing any of the dozen or so pacts with Israel? Has there been any reciprocity on the part of the Palestinians for land handed over by Israel, the release of thousands of arab terrorists, hospital treatment for arabs, humane warfare on the part of Israel? There cannot be lasting peace, without secure borders. The Palestinians historical hatred of Jews, their wish to destroy all of Israel is very well known.

    Prime Minister Netanyahu has said, “We cannot and will not allow a regime that calls for the destruction of Israel to obtain the means to achieve this goal”.

    The Jerusalem Post reported that Israeli Foreign Minister Lieberman indicated it is time for Israel to look beyond the United States as its principle ally. It does look like the present administration will not stand with our closest ally in the Middle East.

  5. Varvara

    If you look at the two men, one of whom is a gentleman and the other is not, please note the posture. BN looks as if he is trying to communicate and 0 looks quite aggressive. Please note, there are no coffee cups and no welcoming fire in the fireplace.