Bad Night – Twin Bad Speeches

Posted January 29th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Two nearly identical speeches – same words – same themes – same hysterical quacking of lame ducks.
two lame ducks
The ONLY reason I sat through both was to be able to write this report.  If you know anything about the massive failures of both chief executives,  their speeches were both ludicrous and insulting.  Both live in a socialist dream world filled with lollypop trees, or rather – tax money trees.

Deval Patrick 2014 SofS Speech
Deval Patrick’s speech had been delayed a week by a blizzard – so it came immediately juxtaposed to Obama’s – making their similarity of themes and words all the more stark.

Patrick has overseen [ignored?] massive failures in state government – due chiefly to (1). embedded Democratic corruption now 60+ years long, and (2). his particular poor choices of key executives, where EEO/AA took precedence over competence, executive experience, or work ethic.

Patrick did comment – very briefly – on several key failures,  but made NO MENTION of the COST to the taxpaying citizens.  Thus his State-of-the-State was not a report, it was a sales pitch for “…damn the torpedoes, – full steam ahead!” 

His attitude made it clear – he still thinks he can be President someday – despite all the baggage and scandals.

And since Obama got re-elected, maybe he has a point…? 

The scary thing is Patrick claimed that his time in office has been “fun”!  Imagine, – presiding over a series of mega-disasters – fun!?! 

Pelosi 2014 SOTUFor his part, Obama played to an audience clearly lacking in enthusiasm. The obligatory opening ovations were muted and noticeably brief.

Even Nancy Pelosi looked bored and seemed to be struggling to pay attention.

Obama went through a laundry list of Socialist agenda items, – threatening to do with executive orders anything that Congress wouldn’t give him.

He threatened to VETO any sanctions on Iran.

At times he seemed so detached from reality I thought he must be on medication. 

2014 SOTU

One item in particular – his call for a government-run IRA for low-income workers “My IRA”? – brought a look of incredulity [WTF?!?] to Speaker John Boehner’s face sitting behind him. 

Listening carefully, I never heard Obama mention Benghazi – the single worst failure of his many foreign policy blunders.  He breezed past a number of others, like NSA spying on average Americans,  but never mentioned the IRS targeting scandal.

Here is the 60-second version – at least the flavor of the night….

caricatureHe was perhaps most pathetic when he literally begged companies to
“…hire somebody”.

He either ignored – or really doesn’t understand – how his own policies and personality have chased jobs offshore, – even as he asked Congress to change tax laws to entice them back.

His call for raising the minimum wage to $10.10/hr will practically guarantee that young inner-city blacks will not be hired, – maybe ever, – because firms that absolutely need to hire will opt for older workers with proven work histories.

SFC Remburg and DadToward the end, there was one highlight moment. 

Obama introduced badly wounded Airborne-Ranger SFC Cory Remsburg

In telling Remsburg’s story, Obama was trying to make the point ‘that the long road to recovery from the Bush years’ would not be easy; – Remsburg has shrapnel in his brain from an IED in Afghanistan, – and will endure years in surgery and rehab before he will be whole again.

Sergeant Remsburg got a prolonged standing ovation – you could see tears in the eyes of Congress. 

The contrast of that moment – to the tepid reactions to Obama’s bombasts – could only go unnoticed by the mainstream media.

A hero worthy vs a pResident unworthy
Cory Remburg Standing Ovation
Even more telling – seated behind Remsburg was Marathon bombing victim – legless Jeff Bauman, and his rescuer Carlos Arredondo

Obama never mentioned them – not wanting to draw attention to the FBI’s failure to heed Russian warnings about the Tsarnaev brothers – or the failure of Holder’s Justice Department to bring Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to trial for murder and terrorism.

Perhaps Obama and Patrick both already knew they’d be speaking to a significantly shrunken audience of just faithful moonbats and liberal bloggers…  

I think both decided to speak solely to their shrunken loyal base, ignore mainstream America, – and just keep Soros and Hollywood happy.

It was a night of shopworn rhetoric, hackneyed platitudes, half-truths, omissions, and outright lies – by both men.  Both looked small and silly – both like third-world petty dictators – out of place and out of touch with our history, our Constitution, and our values.

I cannot imagine any Harry Truman Democrat who went to bed proud or happy with either speech last night.

3 Responses to “Bad Night – Twin Bad Speeches”

  1. Casey Chapman

    I watched Face Off for 3 hours last night. Much more productive, AND much better for my blood pressure.

  2. Walter Knight

    Thank you for watching the speech for me. I had to turn it off, nauseated every time the Village Idiot behind Obama smiled that stupid toothy smile.

    I see Obama is still using people for props during his teleprompter readings. It’s all about fooling America one more time.

  3. Hawk1776

    I tend to not listen to anything Obama says. Nevertheless he did have one decent idea, myRA. Unfortunately it’s a flawed program.
    First there is a household income cap of $191,000. One wonders how and why that number was selected. It far exceeds most household incomes so why bother with limit at all?

    Second, it’s similar to a Roth IRA which means that the money can be withdrawn anytime without penalty because the taxes have already been paid. Not an incentive for long-term savings.

    Lastly, and most onerous, the principal is guaranteed by the US government. This means that you are I, through our taxes, guarantee that the investors will never lose a dime. Why am I, and why are you, guaranteeing another person’s investments? This is yet another example of government overstepping its authority.