An Awkward White House Meeting

Posted March 10th, 2014 by Iron Mike

The pResident of the once-powerful United States will host the acting Ukrainian Prime Minister – Arseniy Yatsenyuk, this Thursday.
Obama and the Ukraine
For a normal American President – it would be terribly awkward – to tell his guest that the USA is powerless to stop Putin’s land grab.

But for Obama – it will be the moment his self-appointed mission is fulfilled,  – when he gets to state that we are indeed powerless to stop the march of a thuggish dictator.

Obama is the man who sold out the Middle East to the Muslim Brotherhood, – is selling out Central Africa to Al Qaeda, and now is selling out Europe to the resurgent Russian Empire of Putin the Great!
Obama Returns from Key Largo
If you are an American raised to believe that our destiny was to spread true Freedom around the world – to foster the development of Democratic Countries, – and to end slavery of all kinds, – this is a crushing turn of events.

The America we knew as kids, the America that had just liberated over 100 million people from fascism across the globe,  – is dying from inner decay.

One Response to “An Awkward White House Meeting”

  1. Tom

    You must wonder why Mr. Yatsenyuk is even coming to Washington. Does he not realize that the Crimea is lost and the rest of the Ukraine is in serious peril? Does he really believe that “red line” Obama can or will do anything to mitigate his situation? Will his next stop be the UN or NATO, two powerless organizations? You can expect photo ops and a presser, but little more.