Amnesty Eric? Nah! Hit The Road!

Posted June 10th, 2014 by Iron Mike

David Brat Wins PrimarySeven-term 7th District Virginia GOP Rep Eric Cantor…

..bounced tonight by a huge 11+% vote.

Doctor David Brat wins!

The Old Guard GOP [aka RiNOcrats] can no longer ignore Conservatives, Patriots, and the TEA Party!

At RRB, we suggest all Republican candidates listen to David’s short stump speech.


Enjoy the moment,…again…

10 Responses to “Amnesty Eric? Nah! Hit The Road!”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    One establishment RiNO down and many more to go!!

  2. Rob Cappucci

    That’s what I call a real SUPER Tuesday. Buh-bye Amnesty Eric who once headlined an anti-Tea Party conference sponsored by George Soros. You reap what you sow, Cantor. Good riddance.

  3. Casey Chapman

    No MOre Ri-NOs(clap, clap,– clap,clap,clap!)No More Ri NOs!!!!!!!!!

  4. Walter Knight

    Truth? Can you handle the truth? I heard a lot of slogans. Now for the truth.

    David Brat beat Conservative Republican House Majority Leader Eric Canter by pandering to populist positions against immigration reform, and using class envy politics to rail against evil corporations. Sound familiar? He encouraged Democrats (43 percent of District 7) that hate Canter to take advantage of the open primary to vote on the Republican side, skewing results.

    Canter may have been against deporting illegal alien Americanized children, but he still was a conservative working for real immigration reform, not the blanket amnesty insinuated.

    The media has their talking points about the Republican Party being divided, and the Tea Party is celebrating, but there is a lot of disinformation going on. Canter is a conservative, probably more so than the college professor who is replacing him. The good news is that the 7th is a safe Republican district.

    Congratulations David Brat, I hope you keep your promises.

  5. Rob Cappucci

    “Conservative Cantor”…????? Really? Brent Bozell sent “Conservative” Cantor a letter warning him not to go to the George Soros sponsored ANTI-Tea Party event in Florida in April but “Conservative” Cantor went any way, to headline the event, not to “bring a message to the enemy” as “Conservative” Cantor claims. And, there is no “real immigration reform” there is following the rule of Constitutional law or amnesty from the law which is to say create a permanent voting bloc for Democrats. Why can’t people realize that Progressives exist in both parties and ordinary citizens like Mr. Brat aren’t going to sit back and take it from these ruling class RINO’s, Liberals, and Progressives. So long, “Conservative” Cantor, let’s hope more “Conservatives” like Cantor git gone, too. Chris Christie, John Boehner, Lindsay Graham, Scott Brown, Murkowski et al. Sink them to restore and reform America. Brat was less conservative than Cantor? Did you actually read Brat’s 6 platform points?

  6. Walter Knight

    Slogans are a good start. Specifics are more difficult to accomplish. I wish David Brat nothing but good fortune.

    “That the free enterprise system is the most productive supplier of human needs and economic justice,

    “That all individuals are entitled to equal rights, justice, and opportunities and should assume their responsibilities as citizens in a free society,

    “That fiscal responsibility and budgetary restraints must be exercised at all levels of government,

    “That the Federal Government must preserve individual liberty by observing Constitutional limitations,

    “That peace is best preserved through a strong national defense,

    “That faith in God, as recognized by our Founding Fathers is essential to the
    moral fiber of the Nation.”

  7. Robby G.

    Funny how 1 tea party candidate winning gets spun around, ignoring the fact that countless others get stomped in the primary and the select few who do win a primary go on to get defeated by Democrats in the general.

    And we all wonder by the GOP is a deathward spiral.

    For the Amnesty Eric crowd, what is your SOLUTION to immigration? Round up humans like cattle and ship them away, costing us taxpayers billions we don’t have? What is your SOLUTION?

  8. Kojack

    @Robby G.
    The Tea Party delivered the House to the GOP in 2010 which was one of the biggest reversals of that body in U.S. history, winning more than 60 seats but you RiNO establishment types conveniently forget that. Furthermore they’ve had other victories around the country including a district in FL that Obysmal won twice. In PA right outside of Philadelphia the Tea Party candidate SMOKED both the establishment RiNO and the DEMONRAT by more than 2 to 1!!!Rick Scott won in SC and the only reason Lindsey Graham was re-elected was because the vote was diluted by 6 Tea Party candidates.
    As to your amnesty remark, Eisenhower rounded up and deported 8M of them. The cost of rounding them up is a BARGAIN when compared to the cost of their education, Rx, EBT, crime, diseases they bring in, lower wages, etc. and they would create a voting block that would ensure that the party of personal benefit would stay in power FOREVER. Since your so concerned, how about if people like you take them in and provide for them without sticking it to the rest of us??? So Robby how many are you going to take home with you?!?!

  9. Robby G.


    The cost of BOTH illegal aliens and Americans education, EBT, RX, crime, etc etc etc are all issues on their own. I dont want to pay for Miguel’s schooling any more than I want to pay for Michael’s.

    Let’s stay on topic – immigration. If Eisenhower “rounded up” 8 million illegals, apparently he failed to solve the problem seeing there are more now than ever. We are talking about generations of people here; most of whom have come here for the very same reason my ancestors did before the Civil War. Many have children who were born here, are we ready to tear apart millions of families?

    I get it, we have an immigration policy in place and our laws should be respected. But the blame goes both ways. Our immigration laws have not been effectively enforced for decades. Aren’t we also to blame for the problem? We have allowed these people, some for well over 30+ years, to reside here and make America there home.

    Obama has done nothing. Bush did nothing. Clinton did nothing. Reagan did nothing. I could go on. Big business loves the cheap labor while others love the polticization of the issue.

    At the end of the day, I just keeping what my ancestors would think if they, after coming here and fighting in the Civil War, were told they had to leave because they didn’t have some paperwork in order many years later. It isn’t right.

    Eric Cantor was working to come up with some sort of solution to an incredibly gray issue. The fact that the extremes from both sides of the aisle despised the man tell me who was doing something RIGHT.

  10. Kojack

    @Robby G.

    Amnesty is the PROBLEM not the solution. Securing the border and enforcing our immigration laws is and that is what we have failed to do. Mexico has a mandatory 10 year jail sentence for people who violate their borders and they don’t have an immigration problem. In Isreal they SHOOT people for attempting to violate their borders and guess what they don’t have a problem either.

    On the contrary, Eisenhower’s round-up and deport strategy worked VERY WELL and immigration wasn’t a problem until Mary Joe Kopeckne’s murderer screwed up U.S. immigration policy in the ’60s.

    Education, Rx, EBT, crime, diseases and low wages are some of the consequences of not protecting our borders and are very much on topic!!! Who do you think is going to pay for it all whether you want to or not?!?!

    My ancestors came over LEGALLY in the early 1900’s as did many others in search of opportunity NOT HANDOUTS and were eager to assimilate and become American citizens unlike the FREELOADERS coming here ILLEGALLY now for HANDOUTS who don’t even care to learn English much less assimilate!!!

    As for tearing apart families they made that choice themselves there is nothing gray about that. Tell me Robby if someone robs a bank and doesn’t get apprehended for 30 years does that make the money his/hers?!?! If I leave my wallet on the bar and predictably it’s gone when I get back from the men’s room does that mean the scum bag who took it isn’t a thief?!?! It isn’t about paperwork its about making the decision to DELIBERATELY violate the law and FACING THE CONSEQUENCES OF THAT DECISION.

    You still haven’t answered my question…how many of them are YOU willing to take in???