Alixe Callen Fails Our Kids – Badly!

Posted March 26th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Acton-Boxborough kids don’t know SQUAT, – but at least they won’t bully…Failing at the basics
Doctor Alexandria H. Callen is moving on.  She parlayed her time as Chief Ooey-Gooey Chearleader into a ritzy private school gig at the Lakewood School in Seattle.

She leaves behind 2000 kids well-schooled in not bullying gays or retards,  – who feverently believe in man-made global warming, – but who have NO CLUE about the real world they inhabit.

This rant began this afternoon as a simple conversation at a local store check-out.  I jokingly asked if the store still took American money. The high-schooler working the register was friendly, polite, even engaging.  When I said I would pay with Cyprus money – he had no clue.

Curious [suspecting the worst], I asked him if he knew what I was talking about, – did he know what had taken place this past week in Cyprus. BLANK STARE.

With several of his co-workers now listening – I asked him if he knew where Cyprus is.  NO CLUE.

One of his friends thought it was near Greece, – so he said near Greece.
Not Near Greece
I made this Sophomore at ABRHS promise to Google Cyprus tonight – and find out what their money problem is.  I wonder if he’ll realize the connections to our national, state, and town economy?

It’s not this kid’s fault that he didn’t know where Cyprus is – or what’s been going on with their national debt and their banking system.

His ‘highly vaunted’ school utterly failed him.  They focus on liberal feel-good social issues – and damn the real world or the consequences.

I give him lots of credit for working a real job.  But he needs to learn where his tax deductions are going, – and why. 

Next Monday [APRIL FOOL’S DAY] starts Acton’s annual Town Meeting, where both the Town and the Schools will be wailing for more money [$54,000,000] – and wanting to raise our taxes the full 2½% allowed by law.

We’ll be told about all the wonderful things that are happening in the schools [essentially taking the place of real education]. 

“Together we promote respect for self,  others,  and learning.”

I’m sure there is already an expensive nationwide search on to find an acceptable warm-fuzzy [preferably gay or transgendered] MoonBat to replace Alixe….

Green FlagI’m sure that Green Flag Award looked good on Alixe’s résumé – but her students don’t know squat, er, Cyprus…

This is the same Ooey-Gooey Priestess who failed to have an American Flag present at the scholarship awards ceremony, – but who DID HAVE the Chinese Communist flag prominently displayed at high school graduation.   Don’t let the door hit ya’ Alixe….  You’ve really screwed our kids!

BTW Alixe, – you’ve had three (3) years to complete the History Quiz I gave you.  What’s up with that?  You no smarter than the un-educated kids you’re churning out?

UPDATE:    Wed 28 September 2016    We at RRB have noticed a LOT of recent interest in Doctor Callen,…much of it from the Rhode Island area.

We take that as some concerned folks doing their due diligence, – checking into her background.

If you are conducting a nationwide search,…we can only urge you to KEEP LOOKING!

Doctor Callen is the kind of administrator you’d want to hire to produce another generation of dumbed-down historically vacuous empty-headed future voters.

Who else but Doctor Callen would proudly fly the Communist Chinese flag at a high school graduation? Mind you, she did it HERE in Acton,  the home of Isaac Davis!

@ AB Graduation the Chinese Communist flag flies proudly!

@ AB Graduation the Chinese Communist flag flies proudly!

If her resume is flying around,  you gotta’ wonder what went wrong out in Washington State….. Good luck with your search!  Hire a patriot!

Dear Doctor Callen,

Thank you for your interest in our school.

A review of your credentials indicates that you would not be a good match for our future needs,  – particularly in the areas of leadership and ethics.

We wish you luck in your career search….

7 Responses to “Alixe Callen Fails Our Kids – Badly!”

  1. Tom

    The real challenge is to find a school anywhere in the Commonweath who do not preach the same agenda. Acton/Boxborough is not unique, all of these teachers and administrators have been brainwashed in our ridiculously expensive citadels of higher learning and they pass it on to our children and grandchildren and hence we have a significant population of low information voters who may be wizards on Facebook and texting, but totally clueless on local, state. national and international current events. This is our future, God help us!

  2. Walter Knight

    Cyprus? Isn’t it some kind of tree?

  3. Flick

    “Together we promote respect for self, others, and learning.”

    Looks like a need to re-prioritize. I’ll bet learning covers climate change, green energy and other ‘reality’ issues.

    In a conversation w/Mr. and Mrs. rr, I suggested that it would be interesting to attend school as an informed adult in the body of a child and experience the agenda taught. Mr. rr has done this in essence via his UMass quest. I wonder how long any of us would survive the brainwashing?

    Actually this sounds like a great premise for a movie, a la ‘Big’ w/Tom Hanks. Maybe Michael Moore and Rob Reiner could co-produce it? Nah…

  4. Victor

    He’s a sophomore and he probably just isn’t taking a current events class, where he would learn about the situation in Cyprus. It’s not the “liberal” school’s or Dr. Callen’s fault either that they can’t teach where Cyprus is? What class would they do that in? U.S. History class?

    FYI, my U.S. history teachers were both moderate so what kids are learning is NOT very biased at all.

  5. Casey Chapman

    I saw a state bureaucrat talking about “common core” lesson plans for the state education dept. This pack of nonsense peaches the virtues of socialism and how capitalism is bad, because it promotes the individual over society. They want to use this crap because the feds will give them more money to waste if they do. I don’t know how we can fight this myself, other than trying to elect as many conservative school board members as we can find. The finding may be the hardest part in this state.

  6. Liz

    The funny thing is you failed to see Alixe’s accomplishments. How can you judge an educator’s performance without seeing the GOOD things they have done for their students? For example, 10 years ago, if you walked into the cafeteria at any high school, you would see mentally disabled kids getting picked on and being treated like they were not real people. Thanks to Alixe’s mindset and Best Buddies program, the kids at AB now are found sitting with these kids and accepting them. This is just one extracurricular activity outside of school that Alixe has offered to kids who want to help. I find it actually insanely ignorant to call these kids retards since they are, in fact, real living, breathing people. Alixe was an absolutely wonderful principal in the way that she helped students not only in the classroom, but also helped to promote mental and physical health among the community. Alixe did not fail with the basics, she simply went beyond them. We learn the basics in elementary and middle school. AB, in particular, is an extremely advanced high school that offers high school level as well as college level courses for students of all ages. One woman’s entire career evaluation should not be based on the fact that one very young high school student did not know the national debt or banking system issues in Cyprus. In fact, if you looked further into the curriculum at AB, instead of generalizing it by one personal incident, you would know that there in en elective course called International Relations, which goes beyond just the economy in Cyprus. I think it would be a very good idea for you to take a hard look at an AB PCR form. Alixe has helped form this rigorous curriculum as well as offer her students amazing opportunities to excel in certain fields, inside and outside of the classroom.


    Well Liz, you’re some 11 months late to this party, and Alixe is somewhere sleepless in Seattle….

    Your point of view might be helpful for readers to understand your comments; – i.e. are you a teacher, staff, parent, current or former AB student?

    Welcome to RRB. Click in often. Glad you had the courage to leave your comment. [Try paragraphs next time…?]

  7. george

    This website is BOGUS, absolute trash. Beautifully kind woman with a good heart, sad you have to make a whole website out of hatred. Shame on you, and your poor self loathing that led you to make this.


    Well “George”,….you’re welcome to leave future comments, – BUT you MUST use a real email address.

    Your IP traces to St. George’s, – so I’m going to guess you’re still in high school. Good luck with your new headmaster.

    As for the rest of RRB, take your time looking at the 4,500 entries dating back almost 8 years…..

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