Abandoned By John Kerry…

Posted November 25th, 2013 by Iron Mike

In his haste to cut a Nobel Prize winning ‘DEAL’,
SecState John Ketchup Kerry forgot a couple of things…
Levinson and Abedini

…like former FBI agent Robert Levinson [held by Iran since March 2007],

…and Christian pastor Saeed Abedini, now held in Iran’s most dangerous jail – since September 2012 – for being a Christian.

How could a ‘brilliant diplomat’ like Kerry – famous for his trips to Paris during the Vietnam War and to Hanoi thereafter,…how could he forget these men – with the Iranian Foreign Minister right there at the table?

Maybe,…because Kerry doesn’t give a rat’s ass about other people…?

Kerry with Hillary ClintonMaybe because he ONLY cares about blowing past Hillary Clinton for another run at the White House…?

Kerry spent considerable time and money going on several trips back to Vietnam ‘looking for MIAs’ – in an effort to rehabilitate his record of cowardice and treason… 

But all the Vietnam vets I know haven’t forgotten.  We never will.

Kerry's Bad Memories

So now Kerry adds a new title to his résumé:  traitor, coward, fraud, cheater, tax-dodger, flip-flopper, gigolo,…and now sell-out!

FULL DISCLOSURE:   Kerry and I know each other.   My loathing for the man knows no bounds.   If he’s EVER done anything honorable,  – I can’t find a record of it.   His ‘service’ in Vietnam was self-service – the only person I’ve ever heard of who took an 8mm movie camera Vietnam – to record his ‘heroism’…  He had political ambitions even then.

4 Responses to “Abandoned By John Kerry…”

  1. Eric @ Mitt Romney Sons

    It’s unfortunate that it wasn’t even considered at the table. Not even a talking point.

  2. Casey Chapman

    They didn’t even MENTION him. The forgotten man. He needs our prayers.

  3. dannap

    I will quote my cousin’s post: “I’m feeling so sad for Pastor Saeed and his family. Imprisoned now for almost 2 years in the worst hell hole in Iran his crime being that he refused to renounce the name of Jesus Christ his Savior. He is an American with a lovely wife and two small children. In negotiations with Iran days ago, despite thousands of signatures and petitions, despite the pleading of thousands of Americans, and the endless work of organizations to free him, Barak Obama never once even mentioned this man’s name, let alone bargained for his release.

    Pastor Saeed has internal injuries from his torture and beatings. His father brought him needed medicines and was turned away. We’ve been praying that these negotiations were going to be the grand finale to bring him home. Instead, his president has betrayed and abandoned him. As he did with the 4 in Benghazi, as he did with those wounded and killed in Fast and Furious.

    Likely, Pastor Saeed is going to die now. His children will grow up without their Dad. His whole family broken-hearted. America has never known such a wicked man in power. But as in former days of great persecution God’s Word cannot be stamped out. Pastor Saeed, in the face of daily beatings and torture has shown 30 Iranian prisoners who were the worst of the worst, the Cross of Christ and their souls are saved. Evil will never triumph. Jesus has already won.

    It behooves secular America to wonder “what is it about Jesus that people would choose prison, loss, and death for”? Those 30 prisoners had the grace to ask and now, praise God, they know.”

  4. Kojack

    Obysmal IS a follower of islam who attended a madrassa while he lived in Malaysia with his ditsy mother and step father. His most trusted confidant, Valerie Jarret, grew up in Iran and is still loyal to the caliphate over there. With the exception of other muslims and muslim countries they care not a wit for anyone but their own traitorous asses.