A Joyful Video To Start 2017

Posted January 10th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Dixie Gun & Pawn has been robbed a few times (18 times) and burned to the ground once.

Then just after Christmas,…some dudes tried again.

The store is in Mableton, – due west of Atlanta – 2 miles north of Six Flags…

It’s considered a colorful town….

These guys weren’t exactly paying customers…

If you are unfamiliar with firearms,…note how quickly just a few shots indoors smokes up the room.

Think about that when planning your home defense.


9 Responses to “A Joyful Video To Start 2017”

  1. Leonard Mead

    Just sent this to a fraternity brother in Georga who carries all the time. He’ll enjoy.
    Len Mead, Unwashed Conservative

  2. Lonnie Brennan

    TYPICAL News headline:

    ….president Obama calls gun store owner “stupid, racist, narcissist, misogynist…”

    …Democrats demand that all gun store owners remove all bullets from all guns, and declare stores armed-gun-free zones to deter future slaughter of African Americans.

  3. Kojack

    Thanks, Mike. I had a hard day at work today and this cheered me up…..I just LOVE happy endings!

  4. Jim Gettens

    Darwinism at work!!!

  5. Lonnie Brennan

    Meant to add: VERY good of the store owner to
    prevented unlawful taking of unregistered,
    unlicensed guns by criminals.

    Democrats should praise him.

  6. GreenBeretLTC

    More testimony to the necessity of mature, quality, American marksmanship…..

  7. integrity 1st

    Since Lonnie’s here, Lonnie, YOU MUST LOOK AT THIS:

    The crux of it is that they took these kids from the parents for 6 years on perjury and false evidence, and want immunity for the social workers that did this! And yet it happens EVERY DAY, but most kids are adopted out – – – for the bonuses!, and nobody knows how prevalent this is.

    to grasp the ridiculousness of the government’s stance, read key, Oct. 7, 2016 exchanges between the panel and Pancy Lin, a partner at Lynberg & Watkins.

    Trott: How in the world could a person in the shoes of your clients possibly believe that it was appropriate to use perjury and false evidence in order to impair somebody’s liberty interest in the care, custody and control of that person’s children? How could they possibly not be on notice that you can’t do this?

    Lin: I understand.

    Trott: How could that possibly be?

    Lin: I understand the argument that it seems to be common sense in our ethical, moral . . .

    Trott: It’s more than common sense. It’s statutes that prohibit perjury and submission of false evidence in court cases.

    Lin: State statutes.

    Trott: Are you telling me that a person in your client’s shoes couldn’t understand you can’t commit perjury in a court proceeding in order to take somebody’s children away?

    Lin: Of course not, your honor.

    Trott: Of course not!

    Owens: Isn’t the case over then?

    Trott: The case is over.

    Lin: Thus far we have not been presented with a clearly established right that tells us what our clients did which was remove the children pursuant to a court order . .

    Friedland: The issue here is committing perjury in a court to take away somebody’s children and you just said that’s obviously not okay to do.

    Lin: According to our moral compass and our ethical guidelines, but we’re here to decide the constitutionality of it and we look to the courts to tell us.

    Trott: You mean to tell us due process is consistent with a government official submitting perjured testimony and false evidence? How is that consistent? I mean I hate to get pumped up about this but I’m just staggered by the claim that people in the shoes of your clients wouldn’t be on notice that you can’t use perjury and false evidence to take away somebody’s children. That to me is mind boggling.

    Watch the entire exchange with the judges:


  8. Lonnie Brennan

    Social workers lying?
    Oh the shock, the shock.
    For moment, I thought I was reading about a local Massachusetts family court!

    On a serious note, they should see 10 years in prison for lying in court to steal children away from parents…

    No more time tonight, but would be interesting to dig into a bit more…but do you seem to see a pattern of certain types of ‘families’ obtaining children through the government?

  9. Catherine

    Some DAMN good shooting under pressure!

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