Zuckerberg Loses $17 Billion – QUICKLY!

Posted July 26th, 2018 by Iron Mike


5 Responses to “Zuckerberg Loses $17 Billion – QUICKLY!”

  1. Vince

    Could not happen to a more deserving guy….hopefully that number doubles every day going forward.

  2. Vic

    payback is a, well you know what it is!

  3. Ron Motts

    Maybe his Amazon bud( Bozo Bezos) can throw a few qui his way……

  4. Paul J Baldi

    I never had an interest in F-book and absolutely no sympathy
    for the conservative hating Zuckerberg. Think he learned a
    painful lesson with this debacle?


    Problem is Paul, – a LOT of Republican Town Committees use a FB page instead of a private website, – and have for years.

    Older folks who are generally afraid of navigating the internet – feel comfortable on FB, – it has become the GO-TO Social Connector.

    So it needs to stay in business, – just stop shutting down conservative conversations.

    Has Mark learned anything? Doubt it,…he STILL has $70 Billion…

  5. Hawk1776

    Well, the $17B he lost is just paper money. Unless he sells the stock at a loss he hasn’t lost anything tangible. He also controls 75% of the stock so he can veto any changes that other stockholders suggest. Zuckerberg still has more money than anyone can imagine. This is a bump in the road that won’t affect him one iota.