Zuckerberg Has Plans For 2020

Posted June 7th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Maybe this young genius has realized that thinking Americans have woken to the Propaganda Ministry – the left-wing Mainstream Media,…and that even they couldn’t guarantee enough brainwashed voters in 2016.

So now HE plans to broadcast the “News”…?

Zuckerberg’s political correctness censors just let me back on after my 2nd “time out”,  – for posting comments THEY DEEMED ‘ not in keeping with their standards’….

…and I fully understand that as a private company they can do that,….

…but not every Facebook user understands the difference between PRIVATE censorship and GOVERNMENT censorship,….so they are treading on dangerous ground.  But Liberals love them!

Did Mark Zuckerberg decide that CNN, PBS, ABC, and MSNBC just weren’t reaching enough young voters?

Why would Facebook decide to launch a NEWS SERVICE,…when news services are going broke….?

Unless,…somebody is going to PAY THEM to SHAPE THE MESSAGE?

Who could afford to pay for that?   To what end?


Here is a different perspective by a couple of tech-savvy young people,  – who may not be able to understand the issues of brainwashing young people with partial and selective news stories.

One Response to “Zuckerberg Has Plans For 2020”

  1. Sonny's Mom

    The Progs seem convinced they’re about to reach some sort of tipping point. “The revolution is happening any day! I just KNOW it! I can FEEL it!” And so they keep piling on… and driving the voters away.