YouTube Mocks Baltimore’s Squalor

Posted August 18th, 2020 by Iron Mike

In the General Election for Congress in the Maryland 7th,  Republican Kim Klacik won her primary and has produced a damned hard-hitting ad.

Somehow YouTube found reason to mock it:

Kim ran in the Special Election back in April (to replace Elijah Cummings), – against long time big-name Democrat Kweisi Mfume (5 x in Congress and former head of the NAACP). 

He beat her 74:25.

But Kim isn’t giving up!  She’s back in the race challenging the corrupt Mfume (born Frizzell Gerald Gray) in the November General Election.

At RRB,  we think it is very telling that YouTube labeled her ad as “funny”,  – since she was highlighting the decades old Democrat Party corruption which turned a prosperous and wealthy American city into a Third World shooting gallery.

Gee, – does YouTube think all Blacks are just naturally Democrats?

Would that be ‘racist’,  – or ‘systemic racism’?

2 Responses to “YouTube Mocks Baltimore’s Squalor”

  1. Stubby Buddy

    It seems to me that the racists on youtube think it’s funny that black people are:
    –dying at high rates,
    –subject to abhorrent violence,
    –live in disgusting levels of poverty,
    –are trapped in failed cities, and yet
    –mostly still vote democrat; the same party that has been trying to destroy them since before the Civil War.

  2. Jim Buba

    Yikes! Balmore has been on the Welfare Trail since the 1960s. The dems spend the money to ‘renovate’ full city-blocks. Once done, crime is redistributed and the downward spiral for the new digs are ignored by the blight of the old digs.

    Saddle up! More Welfare Money is on the Way!