You’re Asked To Lobby For A War

Posted September 5th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Why is it with Democrats – everything is always about ‘the Children’?
pro-al Qaeda ads
Whether they want to take away your guns, – or lead you into a war – they always seem to stand on the graves of dead children.   Except of course, the dead children of Detroit, Chicago, or Planned Parenthood

I wonder how much Soros money is behind these….?

2 Responses to “You’re Asked To Lobby For A War”

  1. Casey Chapman

    Soros profits when we go to war. He’s the only person who truly wants this war. These democrats are the same ones who were SO against GW Bush when he wanted to go into Afghanistan.
    I think they want to go to war to DISTRACT us from gun grab laws,etc.

  2. Tom

    The evil hands of George Soros is behind every move that has been or will be made by this out of control administration. He is the money and Valarie Jarret is the behind the scenes mouthpiece. The Senate will support the attack and the House will not.