Your Scott Brown Hangover

Posted February 23rd, 2010 by Iron Mike

Dirty Harry

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid must have allowed himself to toss back a few stiff ones last night.  He had just managed to co-opt the Massachusetts Boy Wonder on only his second vote in the Senate.  And it didn’t really take that much effort.

Brown-Reid Sitdown

Harry met briefly with Scott Brown last week.  Brown was still saying “I’m the 41st vote, – not the 60th vote.”  Then he went off like a rock star to CPAC. 

But Monday was a work day, and Dirty Harry set up a little loyalty test for Scott.  He slapped together a quick $15 Billion “Jobs Bill” which sounded pretty good – giving tax breaks to businesses who hire unemployed,  and some subsidies to back up state and local construction bonds.  The money will allegedly come from killing offshore tax shelters. 

And Brown swallowed it whole – hook, line, and sinker. “I hope my vote today is a strong step toward restoring bipartisanship in Washington. It’s not a perfect bill.  I was comfortable with that vote.” 

Back here in Massachusetts Republicans are waking up with a BIG hangover.  What happened to our Republican Senator??!?  He was supposed to say “No!” and fight Harry Reid!?!?

So Bipartisan!Sorry Folks, – there are no real conservatives here.  It’s all a matter of Massachusetts semantics.  Up here what passes as a “Strong Republican” is really a moderate to liberal republican.  A “Moderate Republican” is really a liberal.  And a “Liberal Republican is really just a John McCain progressive.   And Scott was buying into all the press and all the hype.  He was probably seeing himself running against Obama in 2012.   So voting alongside Specter, Snow, Collins and Kerry seemed just ~ so ~ bipartisan.

Hey check yourself over in the mirror this morning Massachusetts.  Along with that wicked hangover you ~ may ~ have a new tattoo!

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

2 Responses to “Your Scott Brown Hangover”

  1. dannap

    I shall ask all those that supported Scott Brown’s candidacy from across this nation to question his decision. Were Masschusetts Republicans and voters used for his own purposes? Does he now feel any accountability to the awakening we thought had begun? Or is the awakening merely too good to be true? Mr. Brown, you brought national attention that built hope to the voters of this nation. Already you are using that attention to further compromise the integrity of Republican ideals. The cost may be greater than you ever imagined, Mr. Brown.

  2. supportourmarines

    Is there ANYONE honest left in politics? If he wants to be an Olympia Snowe or worse, Arlen Specter, then fine, but don’t misrepresent yourself, buddy, and expect people to sit there and think it’s great! Bipartisan, shmypartisan!! He’s just another liar, I guess.