Your LAST Night In OUR House Obama!

Posted January 19th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Don’t know about you Folks,…but the longest 8 years of my life are going to be over at Noon Tomorrow.   THANK YOU GOD! 

A few tunes kept running through my head….

The Globalist Son-of-a-Bitch couldn’t even buy American!

I’ll be playing this all day Friday….

Since Bill and Hillary Clinton will be at the Inauguration,  – it’s only fair to give them a song of their own….something sweet and sentimental….reflecting their years together and their contribution to the country…

Not sure if Pam is singing to Bill Clinton or Barack – – but the words fit both of them….

We found Bill Clinton trying to explain himself to Hillary….

As America’s “First Black President” (well, half-Black) all Obama ever needed to do to be considered a huge success was to actually love our country and follow our Constitution.

That he came with a giant chip on his shoulder,  – with endless narcissism, – and an anti-white racial agenda was HIS FAIURE,  – not ours.

Each and every decision he made for 8 years was his alone.

Sure, the media,  the campus commies,  and Hollywood all helped him;   – but the final decisions,  – the words he used,  – the telling gestures…..were all his.


We can fix almost all of this Folks;  but we all have to stand up – and tell the Left to wake the fuck up and try being Americans again….

Right now they’re busy looking for a Hispanic version of Obama for 2020….

It’s always a gimmick with them – they can’t win on their politics!

It’s why they always have to cheat!

4 Responses to “Your LAST Night In OUR House Obama!”

  1. Sherox

    It can’t come fast enough.

  2. Jim Gettens

    “If narcissism were oil, Obama would be Saudi Arabia”–George Will

    SO LONG, ASSHOLE!!!! Don’t let the White House door hit your Kenyan-Muslim-Commie-Pussy ass on your way out!!!

  3. Lonnie Brennan

    Then again, Pam is probably singing to Hillary…

  4. Sherox

    The only way to effectively fix things going forward is to totally revamp the education system. Unless we take control from beginning to end we will have won the battle and lost the war.