Your Daily Anti-Gun Liberal Hypocrisy

Posted June 6th, 2018 by Iron Mike

If you don’t know who Chicago priest Father Michael Pfleger is,  – you’ve really been ignoring the news these past 10 years.  He is Obama’s old community organizing buddy,  – friend of Jeremiah Wright,  – and an openly communist wealth-redistributing anti-gun crusader.  Yeah, pretty much as anti-American as you can get.

Saturday his bodyguard was arrestedfor displaying an illegal gun in public,  – outside Pfleger’s church.  Henry Eugene Hale did not have a license to carry,  – not even a license to own a gun.  Details…details….

It seems Hale’s gun license expired last December – and the state refused to renew it because of late child support payments….

Is Father Pfleger paying a full $15.oo/hour?

So Hale gets booked,  – and released Sunday on $150 bail….

For liberals (communists) like Pfleger – it’s a simple case of “Do what I say,…not what I do!”

At RRB we firmly believe that all law-abiding citizens and green-card holders have a God-Given RIGHT to keep and bear arms.

The entire business of requiring Citizens to get licensed by Government runs counter to our Constitution.

If Henry has committed no violence in his life,  – he should have a gun if he wants one,  – and the political sissy pukes of Chicago and Illinois be DAMNED!

We hope Henry gets his back child support caught up, and gets his license renewed. In War Zone Chicago – (633 killed / 3,424 shot in 2017) going around unarmed is a dangerous thing.

It’s not GUNS killing people in Chicago,…

  – it’s Black inner-city young people,  – 3rd and 4th generation welfare children raised in fatherless homes. 

Tell Pfleger that neither Communism or ‘gun laws’ can stop that kind of tribal killing.

2 Responses to “Your Daily Anti-Gun Liberal Hypocrisy”

  1. Mt Woman

    As a practicing Catholic, I was embarrassed by the public antics of Father Pfaker 8 years ago. Since I hadn’t heard anything about him in the last number of years, I was hoping that the guy had croaked but unfortunately, the dud has reappeared back on the national stage, this time yammering about grabbing the guns from honest citizens with legal licenses to carry. How ironic that this faker-priest comes out against guns yet he needs an armed body guard–further irony of course is that the body guard is also a faker!

  2. Panther 6

    Father P is a disgrace and a mental midget. I used to think there were no really dumb Catholic priests, but I met my first one in 1965 on Fisherman’s Wharf in Frisco where he was protesting the VN war – the gent did not have a clue. Here comes another one. The guy should be de-frocked, but with the current attitude among too many clergy that won’t happen.