You Dodged A Bullet Today

Posted May 6th, 2010 by Iron Mike

You dodged a bullet today – did you see it go by?  Did you hear it?

We were very very lucky today.  Our economy nearly went into the cellar, and for a few scary minutes it looked like a freefall ride all the way down. 

Here is the immediate background:  Greece – perhaps the weakest of the European economies, is in collapse.  They’ve been playing a dicey political game – telling Greeks that they’ll have to accept less in their government pensions and freebies.  At the same time they’ve been asking Europe to bail them out – sort of the way the US Government bailed out AIG, GM, and Chrysler.   As has become the custom in Greece,  the goons have taken to rioting.  Yesterday they set a bank ablaze.  Three employees inside were roasted alive.

Europe is reluctant to bail them out until they cut domestic spending [aka socialist spending].   And Europe is very tense right now because Portugal and Spain are nearly as bad off.  All of the semi-socialist European tax and spend countries are in trouble.  They all have huge immigrant problems which dwarf ours – and all have union control over almost all government,  business and industries.  In some countries even the students are unionized.

Against this shaky background Wall Street has been VERY nervous – for weeks. 

So today some trader – probably at Citi Group – went to sell some P&G Stock. 

Instead of typing Million, he typed Billion.   The size of the sale triggered a lot of the automated trading programs.  Suddenly the computers were in charge, and were selling everything short.  Within minutes the DOW had dropped over 1000 points.  Another 1000 and people would have started leaping out of windows like they did in 1929.

The market recovered.  There will be investigations.  Bwarny Fwank will thump his chest.  Hearings will be held.  The “democrats”/ liberals/ progressives will focus their and [they hope] your attention on Wall Street.  That is a diversionary tactic.  Don’t fall for it.

The real issue is that Europe has spent sixty years becoming a socialist society, where all decisions are government decisions, and very little wealth is created.  And the unintended consequences of dissolving their empires has produced floods of seethingly hostile immigrants – mostly Muslim, from former colonies. Europe has run out of real money to pay for their cradle-to-grave social programs.  They are at the breaking point.

Now in their third generation of non-assimilation, these displaced refugees/immigrants are turning Europe into exactly the kind of Muslim socialist society that Obama so much admires.  They are doing by sheer population in Europe what he wants to do by stealth, fiat,  and 2400 page laws here. 

The collapse of European governments will aid in these long simmering Muslim takeovers.  The collapse of the US economy will aid Obama in creating the “CHANGE” he so broadly hinted at. 

Did you hear that bullet fly past your ear today – right about 2;45 PM?  It just missed your head – for today.

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

2 Responses to “You Dodged A Bullet Today”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    I don’t think it’s over yet for Greece. The retirement age was changed from 53 to 55 at 80% of their final salary. One third of the working population works for the government, we are getting close, and their unfunded liability is catastrophic. I spent many months in Greece from ’98 to ’04 and saw many demonstrations and bombings most of which were led by the KKE, the Greek Communist Party. Like most socialist countries, the work ethic is non- existent and they count the days to retirement. Their nationalized health care system is broke and they have been advised by the EU to privatize. The only thing we are lacking are the riots, but I am sure that the SEIU and the other thugs can take care of that. Look in the mirror people of the United States!

  2. B Howell

    I was in Greece in ’06 in Constitution Sq while they were demonstrating against the USA. Athens is lovely, sometimes. The countryside is poor. The soil is thin. The famous winery, Boutari will always have only slightly better than average wine. The only sign of improvement, building, etc. were the IKEA stores. They were supplying goods to the Germans who built winter/retirement homes.

    Greek men don’t marry until their 30’s or 40’s. They can’t afford to build/buy a house. They build onto their parents house, not always legally.

    The fishing industry is chaotic.

    What most people don’t understand about Greece, Italy and Spain is the amount of illegals that take a small rubber boat and sail to Greece, Italy and Spain. Greece has many small islands with just a few people. One such island had 143 Greeks and 230 illegals. The police motor around several islands every 2 weeks or so. The illegals puncture the rubber boats and sink them. Then Greece has to take care of them until they can do something with them. Greece built a shelter for the illegals per the demand of the EU. They built a shelter for 1500 and they housed 1800 men, women and children, which did not make the EU happy. When these illegals leave trying to get to France or anywhere else and are caught they are sent back to Greece, not their homeland.

    When I went to Crete I saw many sophisticate young Greek people. They all seem to be drinking coffee. The women were dressed nicer than the tourists. The only people that were working were the older women cleaning in the resorts. Young Greek men and women don’t want to work in the resorts and the Greek owners don’t want to hire Chinese or Arabs. The most elegant resorts will have buffets.

    Up in the mountains there are no prospects for young Greeks. Girls work for their parents and can’t find husbands.

    The Greeks, especially the island Greeks make their money from the tourists from April to November. You can bargain the price of anything.

    Spain’s biggest problem was building all those apartment buildings they thought Arabs were going to buy. They are all empty.

    In the past year or so, most EU countries had elections and almost all went more conservative. Greece went more liberal.