Testimony in Congress that challenges the argument for Socialized healthcare in America. rr

7 Responses to ““You can’t make a weak man strong, by making a strong man weak.” –A. Lincoln”

  1. WM Clark

    Remenber Mr. Rogers is reading from notes provided by his interns, reviewed by the party line. That being said, go to any Emergency room today. Does a hospital refuse care when a person without insurance asks for care? No, they are given the care, is it paid for by taxpayers or the insured participant at the hospital. The argument that what is being proposed is socialized medicine, we already have it. The costs that the hospitals must bill are higher to cover the costs incurred by the uninsured. The uninsured use the ER ar their primary care giver, the cost of a ER hour is generally 10 times the cost of a family practice doctor. Lets not argue death panels and statistics or who will or willnot get care, health insurance companies determined what care is allowable. Look up United Healt Care’s 2nd quarter finiacials, they are reporting over 26 Billions in profits. Let’s fix health care!

  2. cabbagepow

    great article thank you

  3. Babyfartsmcgeezaks

    You liberals are amazing. You feel so guilty about anyone who makes it in this country that you want to take away their hard-earned wealth to give to indolent individuals who DO NOT WORK.

    It is a simple formula: work and get healthcare.

  4. tina

    yes, but there are many jobs that do not provide healthcare benefits, which mean that this is usually the people who make minimum wage and are poor, which is worthy of applauding that they arent living of the system collecting welfare, although they should quit their job and do so if welfare at the least is providing some sort of healthcare!

  5. Rickey

    WM Clark wrote:
    “Look up United Healt Care’s 2nd quarter finiacials, they are reporting over 26 Billions in profits.”

    Mr. Clark the facts are in and your statement is convienantly false. The health care insurance companies run at a 7 point margin which is a rather modest return. Insurance making billions, absolutley not!!!! If you want to know who makes the money look no further than the ‘trip and fall’ lawyers. You liberals should stop blaming the insurance companies and start considering Tort reform.

  6. Rickey

    I apologize, my figures were incorrect. The best returns by any health insurance company was 5.4%. Unlike most liberal spewwing crap out of their mouths I’ll back my back my statement with reliable sources. Check out the facts at:

  7. Rickey

    BTW- if 26 billion in profit were true (I think it is B.S.) it still only equates to only .7% of the total cost of health care.