You Can’t Be THIS Stupid….

Posted December 5th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Unless you work for Government – or maybe the Post Office.
Statue Of Liberty ScrewUP
Not only did the Post Office run up massive debt, they used the WRONG Statue of Liberty for their 2011 Forever Stamp.
5 billion printed

Now Robert Davidson – the sculptor who built the Las Vegas version – is suing the Post Office.  They printed some 5 billion of them…

Patrick R. Donahoe has been our Postmaster General since Oct 2010…  Kinda scary,…he’s an MIT grad

4 Responses to “You Can’t Be THIS Stupid….”

  1. Flick

    We are all about entertainment in the USA. I wonder if this public servant has ever visited the landmark, or if he’s only seen the replica while on a junket on my dime. History be damned, unless it can advance your agenda by closing the actual site needlessly.

  2. Integrity1st

    don’t forget all the stamps that were destroyed you can’t get more stupid than, in this case, Mooochelle.

  3. Hawk1776

    They are clearly focused on the big picture. Details are for the peons.

  4. Casey Chapman

    And people wonder why the post office is in such trouble. I understand that the Canadian service is even worse.