You Can Lead A Horticulture…Or Paris

Posted November 10th, 2021 by Iron Mike

Did Biden send her on a Mission, – or to get her the hell out of the WH for a few days…?

Funny how she managed to REFUSE to go down to the Border, – but was willing to see Communist Vietnam and Communist France….

The fashion magazines are focusing on the really IMPORTANT things,…like what she wears…

Giggles and kneepads; – were the Vietnamese impressed?

To be fair,  – Biden didn’t overtly insult the Frogs by helping the Australian Navy built their submarine.  The Navy never bothered to TELL the Puppet pResident what they were doing.

And he wouldn’t have understood anyway – unless Australian money was going into Hunter’s bank account.

So will Kneepads mend fences, – or make things worse?

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