You’re Letting Us Down Scott Brown!

Posted May 23rd, 2010 by Iron Mike

I’m feeling embarrassed and betrayed – the way a man must feel when his wife announces she’s leaving him – for her lesbian lover.  Scott Brown said he would be our 41st vote,  that he would stand up for the Constitution and against the perverted liberal interests.  Now instead of just voting like Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, – he has become one of them. 

There were warning signs – even before he was elected, and I wrote about it.  But back then the issue was clear – a choice between a lukewarm Republican or the ethically flawed Obamaphile Martha Coakley – a woman who let a pedophile go free, then let an innocent man rot in prison so she could look “tough on crime”.   Today the truth is becoming clearer and clearer, – this perversely liberal state produces very few constitutionalists, very few Republicans, and just a rare handful of genuine conservatives.  Scott isn’t one of them.

Immediately after Scott’s election I wrote him an open letter in RRB.  If he read it, he’s clearly dismissed it.  He immediately began acting like a celebrity,  while casting a series of votes that have slowly shocked,  saddened, sickened, and now outraged the very people who labored so long and hard in the cold to get him elected.

And he’s been pretty unapologetic about turning his back on his supporters, in particular the TEA Parties who were his chief cheerleaders.  When I spoke to him about this at Devens a month ago he blew me off – “they didn’t read the legislation”, and brushed by me. 

Now he doesn’t return emails or phone calls – even from former leaders of his support.

A week ago he interviewed Socialist Elena Kagan for twenty minutes, and came out all smiles and proclaimed her “a friend of our military”.  WTF?  No real military man – or woman – could make such a statement after 17 years of real military service. 

“A friend”?  Really?  Ms. Kagan had repeatedly demonstrated her single-minded hostility to our military – and with it her indifference to the dangerous missions our troops undertake daily. 

An agenda-driven lesbian herself,  her sole military agenda is to have gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgenders serving openly, – and probably with special regulations and accommodations.  She is hardly one who understands warfare, military history, defense matters, our enemies, the military, the military ethos, or even cares about the dangers inherent in any weakening of our already stretched-too-thin fighting forces.  Thus Scott’s proclamation was either vote-grabbing political expediency at the expense of our military, – or a demonstration of what a phony “warrior” this JAG officer really is.  Scott, – you should already have announced your intention to filibuster her confirmation.  It’s one of the things we were counting on you for – no more Sotomeyors on the Court.

This week, after pretending to be against it,  Scott pulled a Stupak maneuvervoting for a “Wall Street Reform” bill which excludes the two biggest villains – Fannie and Freddie.  That Countrywide Chris Dodd [should be rotting in federal prison] was pushing that stinking dung pile through the Senate should have been enough warning to make any honest senator steer clear.  This bill allows the Federal Government to take over any financial institution if the SecTreasury feels it ~ might ~ be failing.  What did you get for your vote this time Scott?  An empty promise?

Scott,  a bit of advice:  if you’re going to sell out – do it big, and quick.  Get a ride to Hawaii or Japan on AF One.  Get that country estate in Ireland – like your new buddy Chris Dodd has.  Call up Fred Thompson and see about movie and TV deals.  Write a couple of books.  Feel out Channel 5 for a job in 2013.  Because if you keep this crap up,  your total time in the Senate will be just under three (3) years.  With the Globe already doing stories mocking your new RiNO status – your support base is evaporating.  My gloating BarackObama email came Saturday afternoon – as I was drafting this piece. 

Maybe ~ just maybe ~ you can find some backbone.  We didn’t elect you – we didn’t collect signatures, money, enlist our friends, stand out in howling single-digit winter wind to have you become Chris Dodd’s poster boy buddy.  We don’t want you reaching across that damned aisle.  Frankly each time you do the crack of your ass is showing.

We want you standing up and voting “NO!”  We want you rallying the Republicans and the weaklings.  We want you to filibuster bad legislation and bad nominees.  We want you representing the people who put you there,  not the Washington weasels who are now using flattery to turn you into a liberal pansy.  For Gawd’s sake Scott, reach around your neck and see if you still have a spine.

And do it quick, while you still have friends here.  One more dumb move and your bumper stickers will come peeling off faster than OBummer’s.

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

Folks, you could print out this blog,  add your own private comments – and fax it to Scott.
   DC Fax:  202  228-2646   Boston Fax: 617  723-7325

3 Responses to “You’re Letting Us Down Scott Brown!”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    You have more patience than I do. The bumper stickers on both cars are gone. We have to start the statewide search for a REAL conservative Republican that will stand up for our principles. We can’t count on the state GOP because they are also RINOs. Let the search begin.

  2. dannap

    Maybe this man needs a “Damn You John Kerry” letter to begin circulating. My state representative has 6,000 recipients on his computer with one single keystroke. . . which may be why that letter went ’round the country so quickly. I’m writing it as you read.

  3. Jeff

    I have to say that Brown has not surprised me, so I guess that I am not disappointed (this is not to say that I am happy). This guy can only be called a Conservative when compared to Teddy, Barney or Martha.

    On the good side we have some candidates for Congress that could be really good. So, we may as well look at the glass as half full.