Yet Another Really Bad Day For Deval Patrick

Posted December 12th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Patrick’s brother-in-lawthe guy he twisted arms for to keep OFF the sex offender registryhas raped again!

Sigh is charged with assault to rape and assault & battery on a household/family member.  The documents said the assault occurred on Dec. 9.

The paperwork said that Sigh was not supposed to be in the woman’s apartment when she returned on Saturday.  She told police that when she entered the bedroom,  Sigh appeared wearing only his underwear.

The woman told police that Sigh grabbed her several times and forced her back into the apartment. He then allegedly gave her three options,  all of which forced her into sex,  and which she believed was the only way to keep him calm.

The woman made up an excuse to leave the apartment the next morning and was checked for injuries at a local hospital.

Sigh was convicted in California of spousal rape in 1993 – served time,  – then somehow made up with his wife Rhonda and moved to Milton, MA.

Deval made headlines in 2014 when he fired the head of the Sex Offender Registry because she wanted Sigh LISTED!

UPDATE:   Friday, 6 April 2018    And,…he does it AGAIN! No sooner is Sigh released from jail and he tries to make contact with his ex, – and gets arrested AGAIN for violating his restraining order. Are some people incapable of learning?

Hey Bernard – short of you putting a gun at her head again – she’s never giving you any more pussy!   Get over it!

UPDATE: Thurs, 13 June 2019  Bernard Sigh – 67, guilty of rape, stalking, kidnapping, witness intimidation and other offenses in Norfolk Superior Court.   Sentencing June 24th…

UPDATE:  Monday, 24 June 2019   Judge Robert Cosgrove imposed sentences of 5 to 6 years for the kidnapping and rape charges.

He then sentenced Sigh to 1 to 2 years to be served consecutively on the stalking conviction, meaning the full sentence would total 6 to 8 years.

Sigh also received 15 years probation on the witness intimidation and assault and battery charges.

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