Yet Another Massachusetts Cop Murdered!

Posted May 22nd, 2016 by Iron Mike

Liberals on Beacon Hill will barely notice.  When a cop is murdered, – we all die a little.  But our liberal judges and left-wing politicians keep treating violent career criminals as ‘victims of an uncaring society’.
RIP Ronald Tarentino
Every state needs at a minimum to reinstate the DEATH PENALTY for shooting or stabbing cops,  firemen,  corrections officers,  prosecutors,  judges,  and witnesses – PERIOD.   Even if a shot cop doesn’t die – the very act of shooting at them should warrant the DEATH PENALTY.

Since the early days of 2009 RRB has been reporting on the seemingly ongoing war against the police waged chiefly by career criminals – mostly people of color and/or illegal aliens.

Sadly, instead of taking the side of Law Enforcement, the Obama Administration’s left-wing violence enablers and cheerleaders – Michelle Obama, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch have either ignored police deaths, – or taken the side of the thugs.

Our former Democrat Governor Deval Patrick said in public that he thought enforcing immigration laws and deporting illegals was “Racist” – since so many of them were “persons of color”.

He was willing to ignore the violence and deaths they were causing, – so his legacy would be one of “inclusion”. Murdered American citizens never seemed to bother him, – particularly if they were white and female….

We can only ~ speculate ~ at the depths of the ‘white hatred’ burning in his heart.

But our chickenshit RiNO Charlie Brown – er, I mean Charlie Baker – has done little or nothing to change the picture since taking office.

There has been no round-up of illegals, – no crackdowns on ‘sanctuary cities’,  – and certainly no move by Baker to protect Cops and other first responders by introducing a Death Penalty for those who harm them.

four mass cops killed

Woburn Cop Jack Maguire was shot by a robber

MIT Officer Sean Collier was assassinated by Muslim jihadis who wanted his gun.

Mass State Cop Tom Clardy was killed by a marajuana-soaked jihadi

Auburn Officer Ron Tarentino was gunned yesterday down by a career drug pusher.


What are your elected politicians doing to keep cops safer?

NOTHING!  Deval Patrick and now Charlie Baker keep appointing ?ber-liberal judges – who keep looking at criminal defendants as “victims” – and letting them off easy.

It’s been going on here for decades! Remember Michael Dukakis letting murderer Willie Horton out of jail “on furlough” – where he went to Maryland and raped a woman? Horton had been jailed for killing a 17-year old gas station attendant – stabbing him 19 times.

Dukakis Willie Horton


Are you tired of liberals acting as if they now more about crime and criminals than you do?

Are you tired of Democrat office holders running government to insure they have a comfortable [and often tax-free] retirement, while letting the cops carry the burden of keeping us all safe…?

Shouldn’t cops have the Death Penalty to reinforce their shields?

Today your elected Democrats on Beacon Hill are focused on super-taxing millionaires [which will drive jobs out of state]...while cops are out of sight – out of mind!

Jorge Zambrano cop killer

UPDATE:  Sunday evening 22 May 2016   Zambrano shot dead, – but wounded a State Trooper in the exchange of gunfire.

UPDATE:    Wed 25 May 2016 –   Things about to get VERY STICKY.

Worcester blogger Turtleboy Sports reports an investigation into why / how Jorge Zambrano was loose and able to kill Auburn cop Robert Tarentino…

…has reveled that the judge who let him go – Paul A. Losapio has a step-daughter – Ashley Losapio who works for the Probation Department as a Court Officer.

Ashley Losapio

She has been under investigation for previous serious misconduct leaking information to defendants….

AND,…she’s been dating Zambrano’s TWIN BROTHER….

Great work Turtleboy!

UPDATE:   Thursday Afternoon 26 May   Twin Brother Giancarlo Zambrano finally showed up in court – and paid $4,000 toward a $7,000 bill he owes for failing to do some siding work.  A bench warrant was issued when he didn’t show on time, but has now been withdrawn.

8 Responses to “Yet Another Massachusetts Cop Murdered!”

  1. Panther 6

    Mike; I am with you. NO SLACK for folks who assault officers of the law, firefighters etc. Death may not work because there are too many PC pantie wastes in power but life turning big rocks into small rocks would work and kill most of them pretty quick.


    Remember the two killers Richard Matt and David Sweat who escaped from Dannemora in upstate NY?

    Sweat had executed a sheriff in 2002, – a life sentence did NOT keep him locked up.

    Richard Matt and David Sweat


    The policeman had been a town cop here in Leicester, the town turned out for him and his family. They shot the bum 6 miles away in Oxford. I’M HAZZARDING A GUESS HE MAY BE ILLEAGL.



  3. GreenBeretLTC

    Maybe police agencies who want and need safety and justice should take a page out of the military’s “unofficial” play book during this period of stupid, oBama-inspired, liberturd, politically correct rules of engagement… Has anyone noticed that following the disciplining, and sometimes imprissonment, of officers and noncoms who aggressively gained intel from islamic combatants or equally aggressively ended their very existences, soldiers and marines stopped taking prisoners?

  4. Walter Knight

    And, liberal Democrats think felons in prison should be able to vote. Assholes.

  5. Varvara

    Can you imagine 0bama wants to let 2,000 out of prison early with no one watching them, monitoring them?

  6. Hawk1776

    Zambramno was a life-long criminal; life-long thug; life-long lower life form. It’s a shame that scum like that killed a police officer. To prevent similar crimes from occurring, the Massachusetts Democrats will likely propose tougher gun laws.

  7. Hunter556

    What is needed is a class action lawsuit against ALL pols, elected and appointed, in this state. They have repeatedly and maliciously ignored their primary responsibility…..protecting citizens….in the name of political correctness and social justice. No reasonable person, after viewing his arrest record, can say that the state acted in the best interests of the citizens. We the people have had enough.

  8. Jay

    If you’re using Turtleboy Sports as your source, then you’ve set the bar very low. Obviously, this is a poor excuse of a white trash Mass hole blog. Your state sucks and so do you. Before, you accuse me, no I am not a liberal or progressive. Have fun with your circle jerk with Turtle Boy Sports and 4Chan!


    “a white trash Mass hole blog”….?

    Well “Jay” – thanks for making it clear that you’re an opinionated knee-jerk racist, – with your very first posting.

    Perhaps you’d care to explain your perspective on the photo in question…? Maybe you have special insights that you could share with our readers…?