Yes, YOU Fed A Terrorist!

Posted April 24th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Marathon Bombers had EBT Cards!
Tamerlan's EBT Card

Deval Patrick’s favorite agency – the Department of Transitional Assistance – had the Tsarnaev Family on EBT Cards – originally as refugees.

PONDER: Their victims, – the dead and the woundedall of us who work – PAID for these bastards to live comfortably, go to school, and plot their murders.

2013 is proving to be a bad year for Duh-val and EBT cards:

Remember back in January?  We reported on the tip of the iceberg – a report that there were 19,000 missing cardholders

I suggested a clear conflict of interest – since BOTH Commissioner Dan Curley and Patrick’s wife Dianne Patrick sit on the board of NFSC, the Namugongo Fund for Special Children – which feeds poor kids in Uganda

While we approve of charity – we questioned if our tax $$ – were being funneled through the missing EBT card paperwork – to kids in Uganda….


No Photo ID

Just weeks later the story exploded – those ‘19,000 missing cards’ are really 47,000 missing cards – no clue where they went – or who has them, but they’re getting replenished with our TAX CASH – EVERY DAMNED MONTH

Deval was dismissive, – called those 47,000 missing cards ‘mere leakage’.  That’s 21st Century political code for “…don’t sweat it White People, – you’ve still got lots of money…”.

Deval did roll a sacrificial head – EBT Chief of Staff Stephanie Everett – who’d began her legal career as an EBT Cardholder herself – was FIRED! 

I’m sure Deval thought we’d all be satisfied.  No mention of putting recipient’s photos on their cards.   “Mere leakage!”

Finally two weeks ago House Speaker Bob DeLeo [trying to look like Mister Clean as scandals swirl around him] suggested an overhaul – to include photos!

So now you know; – thanks to the pro-immigration and pro-Islamist agenda of the Obama Cartel, – AND the pro-welfare agenda of the Patrick Cartel,…you’ve been feeding the very people who were plotting to kill you.  How many more are out there?

And of course Democrats in Congress are in a HURRY – – to push through an immigration and amnesty bill….

…which will virtually guarantee them two more generations of total Democratic control of government…

2 Responses to “Yes, YOU Fed A Terrorist!”

  1. Casey Chapman

    This is a combination of Agenda21 and 1984 in action. Never thought I’d live to see the day, but……………

  2. Tom

    Is anyone really surprised? It is always follow the money, but it is unusual when we find it is coming from the tax payers pockets, but this is Massachusetts, the welfare state and soon to be in the forefront of redistribution of wealth.