Yes Virginia, There Are BAD Republicans

Posted January 31st, 2017 by Iron Mike

and really stupid ones too…like the ones who are ‘rewarded’  (bribed) with high-paying state jobs,  – then act exactly like Democrats!

For the second time in recent memory Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) Commissioner Leo Roy has had to fire a highly-paid state employee,  – who was ALSO a member of the 80-member MassGOP State Committee.

You may recall a little dust-up when Fat Matt Sisk exceeded  (abused) his authority and organized a July 3rd Party – complete with DCR employees required to work on their day off to drive 200 “VIP guests” in golf carts from the party to the “VIP Area” to watch the Boston Pops rehearsal…

Sisk is a long-time member of the MassGOP State Committee, always the über-RiNO,  – and always with his nose up the tailpipe of whoever seems to be in power…

At first reported as a mere $800.oo boondoggle, – the final bill was several times that – and Roy had to fire his boy…

Meanwhile – unknown to all – there was gross activity taking place out in Western Mass….

Another Charlie Baker acolyte – locally active Republican and conspicuous veteran Mike Case had also been rewarded (bribed) with a $91,000 / year state job with the DCR.

Sadly looking after all the State Conservation and Recreation land west of the Connecticut River wasn’t keeping Mike busy enough…..

.he started growing ‘mushrooms’ – under his desk,…using his state computer to find ‘fertilizer’….

He was likely unaware that the state computer systems have software to monitor for such activity.

So the Governor waited until AFTER the MassGOP meeting last Wednesday – where he needed Mike’s vote for his favorite RiNO Mouseketeer,  – then sent Leo out to Pittsfield to fire him….

Now Case,  who strutted around like a heroic military stud,….has to explain to his friends and associates in the Berkshires – how and why he decided to grow mushrooms at work….

Some hero!   Some ‘Republican’!

And between Sisk and Case, – and a few more Committee Critters Baker has found $tate job$ for,….we’re stuck with the Mouseketeer for another 2 years.

So much for your sense of ‘ethics’ Charlie Baker….

Charlie,  you must be the 3rd most famous Fake Republican in the land,  – after Bill Weld and Mitt Romney,…and maybe John McCain.

3 Responses to “Yes Virginia, There Are BAD Republicans”

  1. Jim Gettens

    He ‘headed’ up ‘Mushroom’ Manipulators for Charles D. Baker, Jr.

    Now they are looking for a new ‘Head.’ Probably no shortage among the MassGOP ‘leadership.’

    One could say that Charles D. Baker, Jr. himself is ‘Tip of the Spear.’

    Charles D. Baker, Jr. supports proudly the LGBTQM movement!

  2. sad4magop

    DCR is a joke. It is the Department of Corrupt Republicans.

  3. Flyboy

    As I get to know the state more under this website’s tutelage, I cannot fathom the depth of corruption. How do people just accept this behavior from their elected officials?