Yes, They’ll Gladly Sell You Poison!

Posted August 18th, 2018 by Iron Mike

I cannot begin to count all the times young and even older marijuana users have told me I’ve been brainwashed,  – and that marijuana is perfectly safe, – less dangerous than alcohol,…andnon-addictive….

So why did over 100 people overdose and pass out cold in New Haven Thursday?  Well,  – they were smoking poison!

The salesmen were identified and arrested.  Since nobody died – this time – they’ll likely do a few years,  – then be back in New Haven selling something similar – or more deadly.

And there seems no shortage of volunteers eager to part with their cash,  – and risk parting with their lives.

It won’t be until a governor’s son,  a senator’s daughter,  or a Hollywood starlet croaks after a few puffs that liberals in state and federal government will begin to pay attention – to what they today call “…harmless recreational usage…”.

The poison today is Fubinaca – some 50 to 80 times more addictive than K2.  It was designed in Japan,  and is made today in China – specifically for the illegal US drug market.

Such good trading partners – these Red Chinese.

Take a close look at the photos of Parker and Menendez….

Either one look like a PhD Chemist to you…?

Think either one had a CLUE about how much Fubinaca to lace their weed with?  Think they even gave a shit?

So within a matter of just HOURS – some 100+ “recreational users” are dropping like flies on the New Haven Green.

How very lucky they are that there are several branches of Yale-New Haven Hospital nearby – so all are believed to have lived.

Wanna GUESS at how much 100+ overdoses just cost Connecticut Taxpayers?

“Harmless recreational marijuana…”?

Just imagine that a package of this Fubinaca-laced weed had made it to a remote college fraternity or sorority house,  – in any of two dozen small New England towns…miles from a robust emergency room….

Fubinaca:  Chinese-made poison designed for stupid Americans,  – a new word for your political vocabulary.  Keep telling liberals it’s ‘harmless’…

4 Responses to “Yes, They’ll Gladly Sell You Poison!”

  1. Mt Woman

    I can’t read the chemical diagram, I don’t need to be that bright. If one of these two losers ever approached me, trying to sell anything, I would run fast-fast-fast in the other direction. Nothing good would come from either of them besides TROUBLE.

  2. MC

    Never really been a conspiracy theorist before about the NWO but with open borders, liberal Judges, Sharia Law, Deep State, Antifa , candidates pushing Socialism, etc. Legalized marijuana has always been known as the Gateway Drug. How easy to dumb-down a entire generation or two providing the needed opening for a Socialist government. There are whole ‘group’ of elites who believe in the Global Population Reduction. Lace the mary jane will a bit more poison and see what happens.

  3. Walter Knight

    I used to not care about marijuana or illegal drug use until raising my family. Letting addicts die seemed like a simple solution. Now I support the death penalty for drug dealers because of the immense harm they cause.

    Most families fight drug dealers by themselves. People need help from a government who takes fighting drug dealers seriously. Drug dealing is not a victimless crime.

  4. Sonny's Mom

    But drug users keep telling us we’ve “lost” the war on drugs and drug enforcement should be shut down. Gee, you think they might have an ulterior motive?