Yes, The Clintons ARE Stealing The Election!

Posted October 26th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Hillary,  the DNC,  the Obama White House and the Obama Justice Department,  the national and local media,  and your local election officials are all in on it.
Be aware, – be alert,   and don’t help them!

These evil bastards are trying to sell you several parallel themes / LIES.  Be alert,  and don’t fall for them!


We’ve been showing you the paltry attendance at Hillary and Kaine events,  – even though the media fakes the camera shots.

Odd….how the ‘media’ won’t investigate…?

Funny how the media really won’t turn the cameras to show full stadiums for Trump.  I’ve been there and seen it for myself.


Odd….how the ‘media’ won’t investigate…?

This video shows a few ways the paid goons disrupt Trump rallies so the obedient ‘media’ can dutifully report about “violence at the Trump Rally”. 

It is one of several ongoing anti-Trump themes being sold to the public.


Another theme is that Trump is “disrespectful of women” brought to you by Gloria Allred and her parade of gold-diggers and porn stars like Jessica Drake.

Odd….how the ‘media’ won’t investigate…?

Believable?  Only if you wanted to believe.  But it gives the ‘media‘ something to fill their pages….and it does attract the stupid viewers.


Trump is trustee, president, chairman, or board member for more than 530 businesses and companies – worth nearly $4 BILLION.

He pays a small army of accountants and tax lawyers JUST to do those tax returns,  – yet he still has been audited every year for decades.

What did Hillary build?   Oh, – that’s right,  – a pile of dead bodies!

Now use your brain:  in addition to the profit / expenses / loss parts of those financial statements,  – just imagine the enormous volumes of payroll taxes, social security, worker’s comp, benefits, health insurance, and retirement plan forms and supporting documents those businesses pile up EACH YEAR….

If Hillary Clinton can’t keep track of 4 guys in Benghazi,  – how the HELL does she think she can wade through that paperwork to find some area where Trump ~ might ~ have underpaid…?

Hey Hillary – let’s see the books of your Clinton World Slush Fund

Clinton Global Initiative w faces
Odd….how the ‘media’ won’t investigate…?


It’s a Dirty TRICK!   Don’t do it!

As Ms. Prim – (our invaluable research agent and night shift supervisor) points out,  – when you vote early – you’re making voter fraud really easy for Democrats.

The elections officials in most cities and towns are career municipal employees – i.e. lifelong Democrats from long families of Democrats.

Cheating is what they learned at the dinner table growing up.

dead-votingSo you vote early….

They tally those votes…..

Now they know who is left to vote on November 8th,  – AND THEY KNOW exactly how many dead people need to ‘vote’ for Hillary to swing the election decisively.

Democrats have sold ‘Early Voting” as a ‘great convenience’ to the voting public.  It’s actually taken all the midnight frenzy out of Election Night for them!


3 Responses to “Yes, The Clintons ARE Stealing The Election!”

  1. Panther 6

    Mike: Good comments. The demorats know and use every dirty trick in the politcal briefcase. The happening in Texas being a classic example. Hopefully now with the revelation of changing names on the ballot folks will check before they submit the final ballot.

  2. Sonny's Mom

    Demonstrating once again her masterful ability to connect with voters, Hillary tried to outdo Pepe the Frog using the deceptive meme, “Donald DUCKS his taxes!”

    Right, Hillary, that’s just brilliant– absolutely brilliant.

  3. GreenBeretLTC

    Sadly, after months of displaying Pro-Trump Anti-Clinton yard signs and bumper stickers (I make my own…), I garnered my very first middle finger yesterday.

    Stopped at the red light in a 3-lane exit from a Home Depot lot, an aged red pickup truck pulled up almost into my trunk. As the light turned green, the truck sped to my left and paused just long enough for the young punk driver (You can imagine the type: unshaved, unshorn, hat on backwards, cigarette dangling from his mouth….) to toot, give me the “half peace sign”, then courageously speed away. As he sped off I understood: “Vote Democrat” and “Clinton-Kaine” stickers on his tail gate, what was left of a tail gate, that is…. Hey, aren’t the Democrats the ones all for free speech and inclusiveness? Ah, yes, but only if the free speech is approved by them and the inclusiveness only involves them….

    Here’s hoping the polls are wrong, that Americans aren’t as stupid as the lame stream media think they are, and that the Never-Trumpers get their heads out of their a$$es….