YES! Shane Osborn For US Senate!

Posted February 11th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Mike Johanns is retiring after just one term,  Shane is a super candidate to fill that seat!
Shane Osborn for US Senate
If you don’t remember,  Shane’s EP3 was on a routine mission off the South China coast when a known Chinese hotdog pilot started to buzz his plane. That ended badly for the Chinese hotdog [fish food], – but Shane managed to stabilize his crippled aircraft, – dump the sensitive computers into the ocean, – and land on Hainan Island – where the Chinese interrogated the crew for 12 days.

This crisis would be the first test of GW’s administration.  The 9/11 attack was already in the works…
Shane's Crew Returns from China

We were upside downShane went on to fly missions in support of our operations in Afghanistan – extending his tour to do so.

After the Navy – he was elected State Treasurer of Nebraska – where he cut his department budget and his department staff.

Boy, do we ever need this guy in Washington!

Give Shane all the help you can!

2 Responses to “YES! Shane Osborn For US Senate!”

  1. Casey Chapman

    You just know, that the lefties and the establishment rinos are already gunning for this guy.

  2. Walter Knight

    I watched his Fox New Interview, too. Osborn stated if he can stand up to Communist Chinese interrogation, he can stand up to Harry Reid.

    We need more quality candidates like this, no matter whether you agree with him on every issue.