Yes Mister Obama – Alligators!

Posted May 11th, 2011 by Iron Mike

Obama in El Paso mocks Republicans:

“Maybe they’ll need a moat.
Maybe they’ll want alligators in the moat.”

Yes Mister Obama – if that’s what it takes to secure our border!

Think of the advantages:

We wouldn’t have to pay them, feed them, worry about their health insurance [they eat their own old, sick and weaklings] or their retirement.

Maybe we could put some of them into ICE to go knocking on doors and rounding up illegals.

ICE agent making a house call

Right now only 6% – just 129 miles of our southern border is considered secure.

You are deliberately endangering us by leaving the remaining 94% unsecured and mostly unguarded.

13 Million illegals here is both a national security risk and an economic anchor around our neck.

In your attempt to allow Mexicans to illegally migrate here at will, so that you can collect campaign donations and someday votes, – you are exposing American Citizens to danger and economic disaster.

We get it – you are an internationalist and a socialist.

We get it – you never intended to honor your oath.

We get it – you fully intend to spread our wealth around to the point that you’ve dragged us down to the level of the Third World.

Remember this Mister Obama: someday you may be impeached – or worse – tried for treason.

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

Meanwhile, let’s try the alligators.

Border Patrol - before going on shift

7 Responses to “Yes Mister Obama – Alligators!”

  1. RWB

    We would need a lot of alligators so none of them would be over worked or PETA would be mad at us.

  2. Sam Adams

    I vote for the alligators AND the moat, along with a small rowboat to put Obama and his henchmen in…
    And a pistol…
    with one bullet.

  3. Tom Gilroy

    It is interesting that he chose El Paso for his “comedy routine” to insult the republicans and lie about his immigration “accomplishments”. They must have had a hand picked audience consisting of illegals from the comments that could be easily heard in the audio. (It was very reminiscent of Chelsea High on 28 April) Could it have been the usual suspects: socialists, SEIU, advocacy groups?

    Directly across the border is Ciudad Juarez, the “murder capital” of not only North America, but of the world. Will they take another shot at the Dream Act or will it be just an “Executive Order”, because a vote is a vote?

  4. Kathy

    chomp, chomp

  5. Jessie

    Mike, stand down, I just got an email from the Chelsea Collaborative, saying 5 busloads of Tea Partiers had been spotted on their way to Florida to gather alligators for placement in the Rio Grande. They say this plan is anti-animal and will undermine security by causing immigrants to fear reptiles.

  6. Dave

    Hey Barack! How about if you come down here to Arizona. Bring your wife and your sweet little girls. Leave all your security back in DC. We’ll set you up in a nice little isolated ranch house near the border.

    It’ll be just you, your wife, you little girls, and all those drug runners.

    I guarantee you’ll want far more than a moat and alligators in less than a week!

  7. RonalReagansGhost

    He whats up you bunch of ignorant red neck scum!