Yes, Democrats ARE Racists!

Posted May 30th, 2014 by Iron Mike

…send her back to wherever she came from…”

Alan Webber wants to be the next governor of New Mexico. Now he’ll spend months explaining his freudian slip of the tongue...[clip below the fold]
Alan Webber send her back

Governor Susana Martinez
is EXACTLY the kind of Republican that Democrats HATE!

She is a woman, a Hispanic, and she used to be a Democrat

until the day she had lunch with some Republicans, – discussed issues and policy,…

– and realized that her core values were about freedom, limited government, and individual responsibility.

A successful woman in her own right, a prosecutor, and a feisty campaigner, – her very existence destroys the cult of victimhood upon which modern Democrats build their class and race-based election campaign.

Makes it tough for Democrats to paint Hispanics as “victims” with Susana sitting in the Governor’s office….

Alan Webber is an avowed Progressive [socialist] who was part of the Jimmy Carter administration. He spent a lot of time at Harvard before carpetbagging his way to New Mexico in 2003. Maybe he should be sent back….?

Alan, we at RRB do THANK YOU for this video, really and sincerely!

So much better that our viewers hear the racismand the sexism – spewing from your jowls – than to just take our word for it!
Alan Webber progressive and racist

2 Responses to “Yes, Democrats ARE Racists!”

  1. Mark

    He will get a pass from the lamestream media because he is a liberal.

  2. Casey Chapman

    He’ll be in the Obama administration before you know it. Perhaps the new director of the VA?