Yellow Vests March For 8th Weekend

Posted January 5th, 2019 by Iron Mike

The streets of France are filled again with Yellow Vests,  while Macron clings to his Globalist vision….

Only the cold wet winter weather is stopping a full-scale rebellion…

For Americans,  Macron offers a glimpse into what life would be like under an unprepared and unrealistic president (like Warren, Biden, Sanders, Brown, Cuomo, Holder, Bloomberg, Gillibrand, Booker, or Harris).

The French can see what is happening in Venezuela,  – and want no part of that kind of economy,…or any part of being forced to accept any more Muslim ‘refugees’.

If Macron doesn’t back down, – it will be just a matter of time before French cops and soldiers will be ordered to start shooting,…and that will be the end of the EU.

It was back on May 7th 2017 when then 39-year old Macron won the presidency with a 66% vote by liberal voters.  They thought he was cute.  He has proven to be woefully ill-prepared,  – and his head remains stuck firmly in a Globalist Vision….

The American Media doesn’t want to report this story.  It goes directly against their own Globalist Narrative….

Stay informed Americans, – and buy ammo!

5 Responses to “Yellow Vests March For 8th Weekend”

  1. Varvara

    Yes, the French can see what is happening in Venezuela. It was almost happening in Brazil; but they have a new President who understands the world a little better than Macron.

    Hungary, Poland, Check Republic and Austria do not want globalist government. These countries lived under communist rule for 50 years. The don’t like/want the EU and its rules. They don’t want an EU army in their countries. In May there is an election for new members for the EU Parliament. That should be quite a story!

  2. Vince Picarello

    Macron, be prepared for the FRCEXIT….

  3. Vic

    Vive les Gilets Jaunes!

  4. Sherox

    We need to send our Democrat/Socialist Congress Critters to Venezuela so they can experience first hand what they want for us.



    ….they don’t give a DAMN about us…..

    …what they WANT is POWER,…the power to rule, to herd us into camps if we resist,…to take our wealth and our homes,…and to live like kings while we toil in the fields….

    …and as long as we’re “ALL EQUAL”,…they’ll claim that their system and their leadership is working….

  5. Kojack

    They, the globalists/socialists, can be stopped at the ballot box. That is why it’s both infuriating and concerning that the electorate either ignore or aren’t aware of the history, evils and 100% historical failures of socialism/communism and elect MORONS like LIE-A-WATHA and rising star of the DEMOCRAP party the BABBLING IDIOT ALAXANDRA OCASIO CORTES. The CCR song “Bad Moon Rising” comes to mind as an apt summation of these times. I’m positive that a 2nd American Civil War is on the horizon along with a war with the CHI-COMMS and then with the mUSLIMS……and none of it has to happen if we do the right things NOW!!!