Years Too Late Faker Apologizes

Posted July 1st, 2019 by Iron Mike

It took seven dead Marine Corps veterans to send Charlie Faker a wake-up call about how to be Governor.  Lawsuits to follow!!!

He appointed Deval Patrick’s retread Erin Deveney to run the RMV back in 2015.  He gave her several tasks – and seems to have overloaded her.  Suddenly the sheer size of the problem warrants an outside audit and a public apology with sullen Miss Arm Candy at his side.  Hey Charlie,  still think bashing Trump is your Primary Job?  video

To refresh your memory,  Deveney had THREE (3) Tasks:

Speed up the process for folks to get or renew their licenses…

Institute a total re-do of the Vehicle System which involves 24 x 7 x 365 cameras in all inspection shops (to preclude inspectors from passing off defective vehicles).

Update the Identification Procedure so Mass Driver’s Licenses would be accepted as valid ID for air travel. You now have to produce a Birth Certificate with raised seal.

Somehow lost in the shuffle was the procedure for suspending and revoking licenses for drivers with out-of-state convictions, – say for DRUNK DRIVING.   We may yet learn that foreign-born drunk drivers were being deliberately ignored,  – in this sanctuary-prone state.

When the families of the 7 dead Marine veterans get around to suing the Commonwealth (and likely naming both Deveney and Charlie Faker personally),  – we TAXPAYERS will be paying for the lawyers, the juries, the court time, and the HUGE CASH AWARDS.

Charlie Faker just won his second 4-year term.  Ask him…if he still thinks bashing Trump is his primary duty….

Last week when we noted that Ms. Deveney had “resigned” just as the scandal was breaking.  We said then that we were likely looking at just the tip of an iceberg, or else Deveney wouldn’t have ‘resigned’.

RRB noted that one of the contributing reasons for her failure was likely that she was FAT (obese) – and thus very uncomfortable getting around all the RMV offices in the state to watch and see how her people were doing their jobs,  – and even IF they were doing them.

Immediately the STUPID PEOPLE (career liberals) took offense that we DARE judge someone’s job performance by their physical characteristics,  – i.e. being too fat to waddle the state actually supervising….

Today Baker is admitting that THOUSANDS of out-of-state violations were NEVER PROCESSED.  The scoff-laws are laughing as they drive down the roads.

But camera systems (costing each dealer $16,000) in inspection stations was a higher priority?

3 Responses to “Years Too Late Faker Apologizes”

  1. integrity 1st

    How about the recent 3 deaths of children in state care, in addition to these 7 people, and the fact that the red line went off the rails and he is only too lucky that no one was seriously hurt or killed. But he’s in LONDON watching the Red Socks. Life is good!

  2. Kojack

    This is the ultimate consequence of the HACKARAMA where jobs are given to POLITICAL ALLIES rather than QUALIFIED APPLICANTS.

    Unfortunately, this will die down and business as usual will resume and MASSHOLE DUMMYCRAPS WILL CONTINUE TO VOTE FOR THE SAME SCUMBAGS WHO PERPETUATE THIS DISGUSTING CYCLE.

  3. Jim Buba

    As much as I would enjoy the fallout as a political problem, it is one created by Public Service Unionification, perhaps the very worst of JFK’s executive Orders that must be revoked by an executive order.


    Imagine excusing all of this over a Job Description?

    Well, here you have it.