www.HealthCare.gov DON’T BE FOOLED!

Posted November 30th, 2013 by Iron Mike

8 AM Sat 30 Nov corrected

The Obama Cartel is trying to distract you with their websiteDon’t fall for it!

Don't Be Fooled
Remember his LIE: “If you like your insurance policy – you can keep it. Period!”

WHY…did he NEED to LIE TO YOU?

4 Responses to “www.HealthCare.gov DON’T BE FOOLED!”

  1. MC

    For a person who claims to be a constitutional-law expert, – who took and oath to uphold that Constitution and now tramples on it with each and every step he takes, – he lied knowing full well that millions and millions of folks would lose their health insurance.

    The more that we know and are subjected to each day makes us realize that this was all a deliberate and calculated deception so that he could be reelected.

    Everything this man does is a calculated deceitful lie. The list of them goes on and on, but still Congress won’t impeach the man who lays their golden egg. I truly pray that folks in 2014 will vote with their heads instead of their hand-outs.

  2. Casey Chapman

    We need to take back the senate this next year. Friday was the 29th, by the by. Not the 30th.
    TY Casey for catching that! Ugh! Now corrected!

  3. Mark

    As elected officials, they are empowered only to uphold and defend the Constitution. Yet they are hell bent to destroy the same document that gives them their power. They have NO authority to regulate healthcare at all.

  4. Jim Buba

    Ah, the fine line between authority and authorization.

    There are reasons THE website didn’t/doesn’t work (well if at all).

    The main purpose of the Oct launch was to gather information. Taking the data from unsuspecting fools, the problem became the simultaneous cross-checking and data-harvesting of any individual in any location against the local, state, regional and national records of credit bureaus, collections agents, gun registries, criminal records, driving records, license collation, insurance payment records, medical and school records from too many sources in too short a time to produce a ‘list’ of acceptable “programs”.

    Too many think they are shopping or comparing.

    Fools! With Jeff Beisos at the helm, we must all fear the worst.