Wrong Handed Biden: Another Screw-Up

Posted December 2nd, 2010 by Iron Mike

Imagine the utter irony of running for and winning a US Senate seat, [Obama’s former seat BTW] only to be ‘sworn in’ by our National Village Idiot.  “Place your right hand on the Bible…

Senator Mark Kirk, (R) Illinois

 So how about a quick do-over?

 Elizabeth Alexander, Biden’s spokeswoman, said Tuesday there’s no do-over in the works. “We’ve checked with the Senate parliamentarian, and he’s told us that whether Senator Kirk held up his left or right hand is of no consequence and has no bearing on his status as a sitting senator,” she said.

No do-over?  Really?  Explain this:

Folks, there’s no nice way of saying this.  

Joe Biden was not chosen by BHO Jr for what he might possibly add to the 2008 ticket to win votes, or for how he might lend wisdom and experience in running the country.

He was chosen as a life insurance policy for Obama.  

Simply put, even the most ardent Obama-hater is compelled to think twice before trying to pull an Oswald, a Fromme or a Hinckley,  because we’d be stuck with President Joe Idiot.  

What were those average Democrat voters thinking back in 2008?  Do you think they’ve learned anything since?  Maybe the 10% who are still out of work?  Nah, it’s still all Bush’s fault.

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  1. Prim

    Again. You were reading our thoughts, Iron Mike! And said what we have all been thinking.