Write Your OWN Personal Check Charlie!

Posted March 4th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Proving forever that he is a deep-core DemoCRAP, Tall Deval just promised to make up any shortfall in federal Planned Parenthood funding – from our Massachusetts Treasury!

If you want to kill babies so badly Tall Deval, write your own personal check!   Get all your RiNO and DemoCRAP buddies to write them too.   Leave us working folks out of it;  – we’re not out here working to pay heartless butchers to kill babies!

Frankly Charlie,  those of us who’ve followed you for a few years – or decades,  – haven’t been much impressed with many of your political choices and decisions.

So if you’re suddenly worried that that pro-choice ad you made with your teenage daughter Caroline back in 2014….might come back to bite you…

then write your own fucking check!

We don’t go to work to pay for baby butchers to kill innocent babies!

One and DONE Tall Deval!

You fooled ’em once….

6 Responses to “Write Your OWN Personal Check Charlie!”

  1. Jim Gettens

    Charles D. Baker, Jr.–a 6’5″ RINO Sociopath Piece of S#$%

  2. Integrity1st

    Abortion doctors who have performed an ultrasound while performing abortions have completely abandoned their convictions to perform abortions. Charlie Baker should be required to have his hand on an ultrasound and watch while the abortion is performed. Then maybe he’ll rethink his stance. Or maybe not because only a monster could continue to perform abortions after witnessing an ultrasound while doing so

  3. Mt Woman

    Has anyone read the latest Kermit Gosnell book, America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer? Eye opening, frightening and terrible, and a story that should make everyone rethink and examine their beliefs about abortion and choice. When we discuss a woman’s right to choose, why can’t we discuss the CHOICE to have protected vs unprotected sex? If you are a true free woman of the Millennium, why can’t choice include making conscientious and informed decisions about one’s body before pregnancy occurrs.

  4. Clinton Ma Tea Party

    Charlie Babykiller Baker….this ahole needs to be thrown out of office. K Polito the big Catholic needs to be out also.

    Followers of The policy of The Nazi Party in killing Baby for money.

  5. Lonnie Brennan

    Don’t worry too much about Charlie.
    He’s done. About to enter the political graveyard.
    Almost any Democrat can knock him off.
    Hell, if he was honest, and switched registration to Socialist, I mean, Democrat, he would get knocked off in their primary.

    There is NO group that has passion to elect the guy. And he’s told most groups NOT to support him.

  6. Kojack

    Lonnie – the MASSHOLES will get the Corner Office back in 2018 but it doesn’t matter much – hell, in reality, they have it now, and besides, its just MASSHOLE-A-CHUSSETTS anyway.

    Put your energy into saving Florida(I hope to be joining you in 4 or 5 years). This place is doomed.