Would You Take Advice From E. Jean?

Posted June 22nd, 2019 by Iron Mike

She was Miss Indiana University in 1964, and has been writing a woman’s advice column for Elle since 1993.  With a new book due out,  – she suddenly recalls a sexual assault in a dressing room by Donald Trump – – 24 years ago???
AND BTW,  she’s made a similar claim about Les Moonves at CBS,  – saying he attacked her in an elevator…  Her new book may be a clue:  Story UPDATED:  

What Do We Need Men For?  A Modest Proposal’

It seems Elizabeth Jean is a little vague on the details of her life after college – says she has been ‘divorced twice’ – that she’s not cut out for marriage….

Living alone – a remote cottage in the woods – surrounded by old magazines,…has she come out as a member of the rainbow cult…?

Think hard Jean, are you SURE it wasn’t Ted Kennedy,…or maybe Eliot Spitzer…?

UPDATE:   24 June 2019  It didn’t take long for her story to unravel…

If you’re just catching up…. The Left-wing media thought they had another “Trump Victim” on their hands….as she went on CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

When she stated that she believes most people think of rape as “sexy” – Cooper cuts to commercial….


5 Responses to “Would You Take Advice From E. Jean?”

  1. panther 6

    We will never really know what happened but given the book and the fact that the lady could have come out with this 3 and a half years ago when Trump first moved onto the political stage makes me highly suspect. Her goal is book sales. Maybe she needs the money?

  2. Varvara

    It reads like a cheap novel.

  3. GreenBeretLTC

    People always lie. Democrats lie always.

    Hey, Mike: Might be a new bumper sticker….

  4. B Mitchell

    I think it is sad these days that any woman can accuse a man of rape or sexual assault and she is automatically believed. This is a dangerous slippery slope we are going down with automatically believing these accusations without giving the accused a chance. Especially when it has been so many years and almost impossible to prove.
    I was date raped many years ago and all I remember was it was our first and only date…and that he was a radio show host. I don’t even remember his name. It really scares me that this is happening so much now and is it an axe to grind with someone or a way to try to ruin someone’s career or get them out of the political arena.
    Just saying all this gives me pause when those say immediately….I believe this woman or that woman without first getting all the possible facts if there are any facts to get. In this case with E Jean Carroll I find it very suspect that President Trump just recently announced his run for a second term and almost immediately out of the woodwork they start coming. I’m finding it hard to believe anyone now.


    Thanks for your comment. Sorry about that one bad date.

  5. Catherine

    E Jean Carroll, photographed in 2006 with Lisa Bloom, who was caught in 2016 paying off several Trump accusers. So this is just more #FakeNews from a two-bit whore desperate for money, attention, or both.


    And my apologies to honest whores, who give value for the money spent on their services.