Would You Follow A Wuss?

Posted July 8th, 2009 by Iron Mike

Hello Republicans!

I have a serious question for you – and for all your “Republican” friends. How would you like to work for – or be led by a weakling, – a wuss, – a wimp, – an accommodator?

How many of you look forward to hanging out and partying with spineless doormats?

Everywhere I look these days so-called Republicans – including some in my own Town Committee and my state party HQ – are trying to be nice, polite, pleasant, inoffensive, and accommodating to Democrats, Socialists, and Obamacons. “Oh Mike, you’ll catch more flies with honey” I keep hearing. Yeah, and it’s working so well up to now.

May I suggest with all due respect that REAL Republicans should stop trying to be civil, nice, polite, or accommodating to these Democrats, these Socialists, and these Obamacons who are hell-bent on stealing your future.

They hate your free-enterprise capitalist guts!  They mock and deride you on TV talk shows, late-nite comedy shows, and on their websites and blogs. They just know that they are so much smarter than you are. They are determined to pass laws that will take your money and spread it around like confetti. They intend to be the Commissars, and they want you humbled, subservient, unarmed, defenseless, and silent.  And they’re hardly being polite about it.

So why keep trying to win them over with “Nice”? Because your mother raised you that way? Because it makes you “better” than they are? Nonsense! Fight back!

These social know-it-alls – these wannabe Socialist Commissars, – most who have never held a job in a productive industry, – carried a rifle into battle, – or chased a criminal into an alley, – intend to use your money to remake America into a Marxist society – with them in charge and you stripped of your hard-earned property and savings. Under them, you’ll be lucky to get any real medical treatment after age sixty-five.  You’ll be “overage”.

The hard-core cadre amongst them are not about to listen to reason, – or respect your attempts at politeness. So damn-it, stop bending over backwards to the very people who are working overtime to destroy you and your family.

These social wizards are cheering while your elected representatives in Congress and on Beacon Hill are voting “Yes” on laws they have not read. This is criminal misrepresentation. C-R-I-M-I-N-A-L!  Why would you be nice to criminals? Are they holding guns to your head? Do you still have one of your own?

Republicans, – stop trying to “play nice”, and get ready for next year’s mid-term elections. It is time to sweep these Socialists and these idiots who refuse to read the bills they’re voting on OUT OF CONGRESS!

Undecided and disillusioned voters are not going to listen to you – or follow your lead – if they see you as a wuss or an accommodator. Its gut-check time. Either get tough now, – or live out your old age in the USSA!

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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