Workers Win BIG In South Carolina!

Posted February 16th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Wise workers know that long-term job security can’t be bought with union dues;  – it comes from repeat orders from satisfied customers!

Boeing has received 149 orders from nine airlines across the globe.  No union can deliver that kind of job security!

This was the second attempt by the machinists to unionize the Charleston plant.  They’d send goons to ‘persuade’ the employees two years ago,  – and got chased off front porches at gunpoint!

Back in 2011 the union tried to blackmail Boeing – using the power of Obama’s “recess appointed” NLRB, – which tried to deny Boeing the right to build the 787 in South Carolina – UNLESS they also built 10 per month in Seattle…using heavy overtime and recalling troublesome laid-off workers.  They would be expensive planes to try and sell.

Obama was grinning ear-to-ear….

It’s worth noting that Boeing ~ could ~ have decided to move the entire 787 production line to a more welcoming place – like Brazil or Australia.   It would have been a huge loss for America.

But then Obama got an ugly surprise in June 2014. The entire Supreme Court – including his own two toadies – ruled that his ‘recess appointments’ were bogus,  and that all the NLRB rulings they made were null…..

Boeing proceeded to build and equip the Charleston plant.

The first Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner rolls out today,  and President Trump will be there.  With orders backed up,…the Charleston plant will be working far into the future,…and those workers won’t be paying blackmail (dues) to the union.

2 Responses to “Workers Win BIG In South Carolina!”

  1. Jim Gettens

    New Hampshire House votes on Right to Work Bill today. Already passed NH Senate. Do the NH House Republican Majority have enough cojones to do the right thing???

  2. Kojack

    I love watching the unions get rejected by the workers! I got to experience union(TEAMSTERS) hypocrisy 1st hand when I worked a seasonal job at Coca-Cola Refreshments in Needham Heights back in 2011. Congrats to the SC Boeing employees for making the RIGHT DECISION!