Words To Terrify Swamp Creatures

Posted April 9th, 2019 by Iron Mike

It happened this morning – as our new Attorney General was testifying to a House Appropriations sub-committee…about a number of issues.

While Democrats were focused on “getting THE FULL REPORT”,  Barr’s answers were scrupulously careful, and in this one instance – he let it be known that the way the FBI handled FISA Warrant requests (by lying to the FISA Court) in 2016 was now under scrutiny.

One Response to “Words To Terrify Swamp Creatures”


    Great – Rand Paul and other Liberty officials have been calling out these unwarranted FISA witchhunt attacks.



    Agreed Brad,

    The BIG PROBLEM in going after these rogue FBI / DOJ Hillary goons is we don’t want to turn the USA into the kind of Third World shithole where each NEW government goes after everybody associated with the former administration….

    It’s one of the reasons Ford pardoned Nixon.

    Sadly both the Clintons and the Obamas are so utterly corrupt and treasonous that they SHOULD be investigated, tried,…and likely executed.

    Tough to do that and not look like an African or Middle Eastern country….

    /s/ Iron Mike