Worcester & Middlesex Senate Vote Today!

Posted December 5th, 2017 by Iron Mike

It’s a Special Election TODAY!  It’s CRITICAL that you vote!

Very few times do you get to replace a hard-core Democrat with
a Pro-2A Patriot!   Call your friends – vote for Dean Tran!

Thank you GOD!    And Thank You VOTERS!

The humble man with the ready smile won over the lifetime Democrat,  – but it was damned close!

Fitchburg’s At-Large City Councilor Dean Tran won by (still unofficial) 607 votes of the (unofficial) 15,627 cast Tuesday.


2 Responses to “Worcester & Middlesex Senate Vote Today!”

  1. Rocky

    Dean Tran, 100% Pro Freedom and Liberty
    Vote Dean Tran and start to reverse the attack on your rights by Maura Healey

  2. Mt Woman

    Dean’s a wonderful man, ethical, sincere, deliberate and honest. He already got my vote–I’m praying!!!