Woody Woodpecker Wants Impeachment!

Posted June 29th, 2019 by Iron Mike

So ironic – a junior member of the Kennedy Crime Cartel pontificating on how Trump “obstructed justice”.

He’s in his 4th Term,  – with NOTHING to show for it;  – other than his paycheck. video

You watch,  – with the DemoCRAP party in total disarray,  come next July there will be talk of putting Woody here on the Ticket as the VP Candidate – just to get the Kennedy name….

With this interview – just a day after the DemoCRAPS Miami debate debacle – where all 20 of them looked decidedly un-American,  young Woody is trying to focus the spotlight on himself.

And the DemoCRAP Party is using this toady to deflect attention from that debate disaster…..

2 Responses to “Woody Woodpecker Wants Impeachment!”

  1. Walter Knight

    Kennedy still hasn’t recovered from his Chapstick disaster. “It wasn’t drool.” https://chicago.suntimes.com/2018/1/31/18385676/no-that-wasn-t-drool-rep-joe-kennedy-says-it-was-lip-balm

  2. Hawk1776

    He’s dumber than Uncle Ted. He’ll probably be the next Senator from Massachusetts.