With Charlie Baker We Win / We lose

Posted June 2nd, 2016 by Iron Mike

17 months into his term he ‘suddenly’ reversed Duh-val Patrick’s racist stance on State Cops and Secure Communities?
Patrick and Baker
Is Charlie tossing us a bone to quell the Bathroom Bill uproar?

What’s changed Charlie?

Clardy and Tarentino

Have you discovered that the killers of Trooper Thomas Clardy and Officer Ronald Tarentino Jr. are in fact undocumented illegals?

Cop Killers

We ask because back in the Spring of 2011 we warned Deval Patrick in the Milford Town Square that illegals were killing our citizens.

Deval called us racists

He brushed aside our concerns as ‘anecdotal’,…

Deval assumed TEA Party racist

…and then he implied that the real reasons we were wanting illegals rounded up and deported was racism.

Matt Denice Nicholas Guaman

Then about 6 weeks later illegal Ecuadorian Nicolas Guamana repeat DUI offender – driving wasted drunk again [with his own child in the truck] – ran over Matt Denice in Milford,  – and dragged him screaming ¼ mile to his death.

Deval was dismissive

And still Deval was unmoved; – actually dismissed the Denice murder as “a drunk driving issue…”.   Deval wouldn’t even meet with the Denice family.  

Donald Trump since has met with them…..just sayin’….

David Njuguna was driving high on ‘medical marijuana’ when he crossed 4 lanes of traffic and plowed into Trooper Clardy – killing him.

Jorge Zambrano had a long history of cocaine smuggling, drug dealing and violence against police when he shot Auburn Officer Robert Tarentino in the back,  and the next day ambushed the State Troopers searching for him.

We want to know – are either Njuguna or Zambrano here illegally?

How many hundred or thousand violent illegals are living amongst us Charlie,  – illegals that Deval was content to have hiding in ‘sanctuary cities’ and living comfortably on our welfare rolls?

Chelsea High April 2011 Secure Communities

Let me be exceedingly BLUNT Charlie:   YOU FUCKED UP!

You waited a FULL 17 MONTHS before overturning Deval’s stupid order…. How many of our Citizens were killed, injured, raped, robbed, and forced to live in fear of criminal illegals during those 17 months?

How many funerals?  How many more?  

How many more police funerals Charlie

We asked Deval the same damned questions….

It is hardly ‘racist’ for taxpayers to want illegals off our EBT rolls, – and deported when they are discovered.  That’s just common sense…..

Common sense also dictates that you don’t send a GREEN LIGHT SIGNAL to perverts and pedophiles – and give them the LEGAL COVER of a so-called “Transgender Bathroom Bill”.

Charlie pull your head outCharlie, – PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS!

The FIRST JOB of ‘Government’ – at every level – is to protect and safeguard it’s citizens….


So far,…you are too…

At RRB, we’ll say a grudging Thank You Governor for your decision to let our State Police begin deporting illegal goons. You’re just 17 months late, – and still on dangerous ground with the damned bathroom bill…

Remember Governor, most of the ‘transgenders’ are harmless – even if some of them are gross…. It’s the perverts and pedophiles we’re worried about…

Call Charlie in Boston:         617 725-4005
Call his Springfield Office:   413 784-1200

4 Responses to “With Charlie Baker We Win / We lose”

  1. Jim Gettens

    Eight so-called ‘Republicans’ on yesterday’s “Bathroom/Locker Room Bill” Vote Roll of Dishonor. See: http://www.bostonbroadside.com/liberal-legislators/bathroom-bill-heads-to-gov-bakers-desk-as-speaker-deleo-praises-baker/

    Squatting Charles D. Baker’s State House office is not, apparently, taking protest calls–voicemail there was full a little while ago–but his Western Mass. office is taking calls at (413) 784-1200. Call ASAP to register your displeasure. Tell his reps. that Baker’s signature on this abominable Bill means no re-election vote in 2018.

  2. Jim Gettens

    And, yeah, Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr, more than a year ago, called upon heroic Charles D. Baker, Jr. to reverse Devoid Patrick’s
    ‘Sanctuary State’ policies after Howie was told by State Police what was going on. Baker kept his head up his ass–where it usually resides–on that issue until now.

  3. Ralphie boy

    It is no surprise that Gov. Baker turns out to be quite disappointing. He claimed to be Conservative while campaigning but winds up caving in to the liberal base.

    It will be interesting to see how RINO Charlie handles the perverted bath room bill. House Speaker DeLeo surrounded himself with perverts as he praised legislators who supported this disgusting bill.

    As for the 8 republicans who voted for this Legislation, they should be ashamed.

    It will be a cold day in hell that the conservative Tea Parties do any further action when asked for help next election cycle. Many used TP Members to help with campaigns. Good luck next election.

    Good luck one term Charlie.

  4. Sherox

    When you are trying to save your face you are losing your ass