Witch Wendy Davis For Texas Governor?

Posted October 4th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Texas State Senator Wendy Davis – the Fort Worth Democrat famous for her filibuster to block legislation outlawing late-term abortions – has announced her run to be the next Governor of Texas.  A clear case of beauty being only skin deep!How Many Dead Babies Wendy
I can only cringe at the thought of the number of babies who will be slaughtered to fund the campaign contributions and PACs by Planned Parenthood and Emily’s List.  Oh WoW! A change of tune?

Witch Wendy watched the governor’s races in Virginia and NJ, – decides that Pro-Life voters are a force. Suddenly there is a change of tune.  JUST the TUNE – not the evil in her heart!

Witch Wendy Update

UPDATE: Tuesday 4 Nov 2014 Greg Abbott beat Witch Wendy 59% : 40% The pro-abortion forces poured a LOT of $$ into Wendy’s campaign – appealed to women – still came up way short! Texas babies win!

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One Response to “Witch Wendy Davis For Texas Governor?”

  1. Casey Chapman

    And don’t forget—–she was on a CATHETER while doing the filibuster, so she wouldn’t have to go to the bathroom. Ironically, that’s kind of like being on an umbilical cord, isn’t it?